Friday, May 18, 2012

7 months old!!!!!

 Well yesterday was a big day for my little Chloe Bug!!!!  She officially turned 7 months old!!!  She is such a fun little person, she is all smiles all the time and I am so blessed to be able to love her in this life.

Baby Girl is so Happy about turning 7 months old!!!

She is looking surprised that she is ALREADY 7 months old!!!  I can't believe it either- it is going by too fast!!!!

Just being a ham for the camera!!!

Ta Da!!!!

One of my favorite pics of her lately!!!!  She is just so happy and now she has started to do this face which I call the cheese grin!!!  She is just so happy all of the tie, from the moment we look in her crib in the morning until she lays her head on my chest at night telling me she is tired, she is a pure joy!!!!

So to document her stats this month- She weighs about 17lbs, she is in 6 month clothes but because of her length she is moving quickly into 9 month clothes.  I think she is going to be very tall.  :0)  And we are still in Size 2 diapers because she is a skinny girl, just very long!
Anyone who knows me IRL knows I hate toes that are not manicured and neat.  I love baby toes though and am always loving and playing with her beautiful little feet...... well I decided to paint her toenails the other night, and I must say she looks sooooo cute with little painted toenails!!!

We have been so busy this last month remodeling our master bathroom and it is finally DONE!!  I have taken pictures all along the way and I am  going to do the next blog post showing the progress and what it looks like now- not even close to the same bathroom!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a glorious spring weekend!!! I am speaking at my university's graduation tomorrow, so that will take up my whole Saturday, but it will be so wonderful to see my students graduate and go out into the field of RNs!!!!