Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another birthday for my Sweetness

Well I think I am long overdue for a picture post!!! And no other perfect opportunity than the celebration of my Sweetness' birthday!!! So without further ado, here at some precious memories of this evening!!
We had an appointment at the RE, which I will elaborate on more below, and then we met some great family and friends at Sweetness' favorite restaurant called and Schmick.s. It is a real fancy seafood restaurant here in the awesome new town center. So we opened a few presents first before the food arrived.
My parents gave him a tropical shirt and some great khaki shorts that he has been wanting. Here is he showing off his shirt.
And as all my frequenters of this blog know, my babe LOVES Sno.opy! Last year his cake was, but I found some really great things at Hallmark. They are having a 50th anniversary celebrating Pean.uts so it makes some good shopping for him. Anyways, I gave him a cute stuffed animal and a cute figurine by a motorcycle, which HE LOVED!!!
And as I was trying to get out of him what he wanted for his birthday, the only thing he would tell me was a "real cool bamb.oo arrangement" to put in his office at work. Well I was able to find this one and I thought it was really nice to look at. Again He. Loved. It.!!!

And we capped it off with a wonderful carrot cake that the waiter put a nice candle on for him to make a wish!! (I think I know what that wish might have been...**wink wink***)

And another!!!

I just noticed we did not take any pictures of the people with us!!! Sorry guys, but we were so glad you were there to make it all the more fun!!!
I can not tell you how BLESSED I am to be married to this man. He truly is the most precious, kind, godly and all around amazing man I have ever been around. The Lord surely knew what I needed, and He fashioned him especially for me!!! I love you so much Sweetness and I pray the Lord gives us many many more years to celebrate life together! You make this journey so worth it!!!
Just quickly, we did have our IVF counseling appt today as I said , before we went to celebrate. Everything went well, we are now just waiting on my cycle to begin on June 25th or there about, and then we start BCPs and Lupron, and then we proceed from there!! I will be sure to keep you all updated as we inch ever so closer!

Until next time........