Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preparing for Earl to pass through....

Well ladies, I am still here, I know some of you were wondering if I am ok. The answer is yes and no. I mean life always goes on, the world doesn't stop for my broken heart. So in one sense I am fine; but in another sense I am so broken, so depressed, so over feeling like this. Why Why Why???? I guess I will never know this side of heaven, but seriously, this literally grieves my heart.

So when the doc called with the beta results, she said she is so puzzled, that they can see NO reason why I am not pregnant yet. Really? Well something is up!? She said in two months we can do a FET with our 3 frozen embies. Then if that does not work, we will do our last fresh IVF cycle and shoot for a 5-day transplant. I have never had a 5 dt but I know so many that have gotten pregnant with a 5 dt. So in the meantime, we wait..... and we live our life!

Onto other news, you know Hurricane Earl is baring down on us here on the east coast. So the prediction is it will start raining by 6pm tonight, then it will get really bad from 3-8am tomorrow. So I moved my class from starting at 8am until starting at 9:30 am - hopefully that's enough time for them to call school for the day or not. I could really use a 4 day weekend with my Sweetness.

And again let me just say, that I am so thankful for my amazing husband. He truly is SO wonderful. I know many women must feel that way about their husbands, but I mean he is almost too good to real! I am so thankful for his support, his love, his friendship and his spirit! I love you Sweetness!! Thank you for loving me through all of this....... how could I ask for more?