Saturday, November 6, 2010


Okay ladies, I have been promising this post for some time now, and today I actually had time to get ALL these pics uploaded. Warning: this post is filled with many pictures!!

About a month ago, a really neat exhibit came through our area called the Bra-ha-ha. This is a neat exhibit where many local organizations and people have taken a bra and decorated it with something neat or funny or sentimental to them. They were all put in this ginormous collection that tours around for people to look at. The purpose of this is to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. I thought it was really neat!!!! Disclaimer: I did not see it said no photos until I was uploading them and blew them up. Oops!

One last thing before I get to the pictures of all these fun bras~ hanging around the neck of the mannequin of each bra is a card that you can read if you click on the picture and blow it up. On the card it has some neat facts about the making or inspiration about that particular bra! ENJOY!!!

There were so many......

Over 200 bras......

So I took only a small collection of pictures of the really cool ones!

Starting off with the "Candle-bra"

The "Blue-footed pheasants"
A true "pear"

A perfect couple

The "cupcakes"
A "Faceb.ook" bra

A "Fairy tale"

In memory of....

An this is one called "Forget-me -not" It was actually the winning bra of them all.
Sorry it is blurry, all of these were taken on my iPhone.

The "Girl Scouts" bra

The Halloween bra
"Keeping it together"

The "Lady Ga-Ga" bra LOL

"Today is a gift"

The Minnie-mouse bra

"Don't focus on the negatives"
A Nurses' bra

Spring Flowers

"Pearls of Wisdom"

"Perky Pennies"

A Lego bra

Red-White- and Blue bra

The Sandbridge beach bra
I remember the story about this one. Basically the woman that designed this bra was diagnosed with breast cancer and given several months to live. She spent her days walking on Sandbridge beach and relaxing her mind and being stress-free. She actually beat the cancer and this was over 20 years ago. Such a nice story.


"Something blue"

"In full bloom"

The Starbucks bra


A Penny for your thoughts

VA oncology group made this one

White ballet

"White chocolate"

So there you have them, the fun bras of the Bra-ha-ha exhibit. I hope you enjoyed them they were so fun to look at while walking through them!
On the IVF front, things are going well as I am continuing to prepare my body to receive our little bits on Nov. 19th!!! I am still taking Baby aspirin, Love.nox injection, and Viv.elle patches each day. Feeling cautiously optimistic, just don't want the heartbreak again.
Thank you for all the prayers..... He hears them all!!! Love you guys!