Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sportin the Christmas outfits!!

So with every little girl comes the fun times of dressing her up in all kinds of fun outfits!!! My peanut has the wardrobe of a diva for sure!! She is still in newborn clothes even at 7 weeks, she is so dainty, but I think we will be moving into 3 months size soon just for the length in some of the sleepers.

But Christmas has snuck up on us so quickly and of course she has had to sport all her fun Christmas themed onesies and outfits to her sitters all the past week and until Christmas to get their full use out of them!!! So I thought I would share in some of them, because of no other reason than she is soooo CUTE!!!!!

Outfit #1 is so true right??? It says "What Santa doesn't Bring, Grandma Will"

My Mom loves this onesie and being the only grandchild, she will be spoiled for sure!

Daddy says these are her 'grandma jeans'....LOL

Then we have the 'I love SANTA' onesie with her fleece sweatpants. She was so snugglie in this!!

Precious girl

This outfit is actually one of my favorite's and was taken this morning during her play time while I got ready for work, I just love her smile and I love the snowman!!

I mean my girl is HAPPY!!!! Sweetness and I must be doing something right??!!

And some of the best pictures of her yet are in her reindeer outfit below. I actually did not get the reindeer on the outfit, but I tried on this little 'jester' hat a friend gave me for her, and it is so big on her peanut head, but boy she turned on the smiles for me and I could not resist her precious cheeks and beautiful eyes.

And this has the be the BEST PICTURE EVER!!!!!

Chloe, when I thought about adopting a baby, I did not know if I could be completely satisfied not having my own biological baby, not ever being pregnant, not ever going through what everybody else did. But in the 7 short weeks you have been in my life, and I have been privileged to be your mommy, I can honestly say that I LACK NOTHING.
I do not have a desire to be pregnant, I do not desire to have one of my own seed, you have brought me everything I could POSSIBLY EVER HAVE WANTED AND MORE, the LORD knew exactly what He was doing the whole time. HE REALLY DID.
You were meant to be Daddy's and my baby. We adore you. We will never, NEVER..... EVER..... let you go.

We cant wait to live life with you!!! You make it all worth while!!

Love you pumpkin!