Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A new addition to the nursery

My friend has got me hooked on the website "Etsy." I have spent hours looking at all the amazing creativity of people in handmade crafts and other adorable unique stuff on there.

Well Sweetness and I have been trying to think of a way to spruce up her nursery, it just seemed TOO pink and white- it needed a pop. Well I think we found the perfect answer.

There are several shoppes on Etsy that sell vinyl wall art, it actually just sticks to the wall and comes right off with out damaging the wall. These are really cool. SO I looked a million of them over it seems and this is the one we ultimately decided on.

You can alter the colors on any of these murals. So because we have light pink walls I decided to change the birds to white instead of pink, but other than that I left the tree/owl and the leaves the colors you see in the picture.

I can not wait until it comes in and we can put it up!! I will definitely share here what it looks like.

Also tonight Sweetness and I rearranged the nursery furniture. We needed to move the crib to the largest wall to be able to put the tree mural there and the crib under it. I am happy with the new arrangement and feel like it is all going to come together nicely.

That's about it for now. It has been a nice stress free week at work this week. I gave my last final today and I am all too happy to be done with some of these students I had this term. They were so full of gossip and manipulative. Things got so bad that I had to deactivate my account. I know some of my friends have asked why I unfriended them, that's not it at all, I just was tired of feeling like all my personal stuff was just out there for students to judge and gossip about. So I may get back on FB one day, but I have actually enjoyed not being so tied to that dumb website everyday, it's freed up a lot of time :)

But I will update moire soon. We are still on to go pick up birth mom L on Sunday. Hopefully she will stick to it and we will have her and baby Chloe here safe this weekend.