Monday, October 1, 2012

51 weeks old- I can't believe it!!!!

My baby girl is soooo grown!!!!  My goodness, she is so independent and has sooooo much personality!!!  She is just the happiest little girl ever!!!  She babbles non stop from the time she wakes up until she literally can't talk anymore, she falls asleep babling to me as I rock her.....Her happiness is infectious!!!!  These pictures were snapped about 10 minutes after waking her up and getting her dressed.  She is always this happy except for when its time to go to bed, then she just wants to snuggle!!!
 I'm still busy planning her 1st birthday party in 2 weeks!!!  I think back to where I was emotionally and mentally a year ago.....I was a hot mess!!!!  All the unknowns.  was I going to get the baby, what was going to happen?  Her birth mom played some games with me and my emotions and I was just so raw and on edge, but if I could have only known the amazing outcome, the amazing joy to come, and just rested in knowing HE had everything in the palm of His hands....ah lessons learned!!
 I'm so excited about her 1st birthday pictures this weekend!!!  We are also having some family pics made of the 3 of us, and I can't hardly wait!!!  We have decided to wear black shirts and jeans, and maybe be barefoot, we will have to see.  Then after her photos that morning, we are headed to the pumpkin patch with our friends and their little girl Sarah!!!  I can't hardly wait!!!

Chloe's teachers at nursery school say she has a little boyfriend, his name is Benjamin!!  The two of them play together every day almost exclusively!!  I think it is soooo cute!!!  I am planning on taking in cupcakes for them on her actual birthday Tuesday Oct. 16th for them all to have, and I hoe to get some really cute pictures of them wearing party hats!!!  But who knows how it will go, babies are babies and they are messy!!
 I included this picture, because I thought it was so funny that she was yawning in the middle of all her smiles!!!  She had just woken up as I said earlier and she started to show the signs after a bit of smiling and posing.....but she is such a ham in front of the camera these days!!!  I guess I have had it pointed in her face since the day she was born!!  Ha!

 And she has finally learned to wave a real good-bye!!!  Before it was like a whole arm wave, but now she has mastered the turn at the wrist, and she is just so precious!!!  Here she is waving bye to Daddy..... 
So with that, I will wave bye for now.  We will definitely be back with more fun stories and pictures as we begin to celebrate my very favorite season....FALL!!!!   Happy Fall Ya'll!!!!