Wednesday, April 25, 2012

28 weeks old and a new babysitter!!!

28 weeks and counting..... Baby girl is ticking the weeks off faster and faster.  I want her to slow down so I can snuggle just a little more.  She is really blossoming into her own personality and showing her likes and dislikes so much more these days!!!  One thing that proves that point to me is the fact that she is determined not to smile for me when we do picture time each morning after getting dressed.  She holds her little lips in this pursed position just determined not to smile, and then finally when she can't stand it anymore, she burst out in laughter!!!  It really is sooooo cute!!!
I LOOOVE this smirk/smile she has started doing!!!
Just about to burst out in a smile!!!

She has such a beautiful face, and perfect porcelain skin!

Other than baby girl growing up way too fast, tomorrow is our very last day with our amazing sitter Sam.  Our hearts are so broken we have to change, and this momma does not like change AT ALL.  But i know this is a good time in her life to make a career change- she has taken such wonderful care of my angel and I will forever be most grateful!!!  I snapped these pictures yesterday when I picked up Chloe at her house.
 Sam is on the right of course and on the left is her 7 year old named Gracie who is like a little second mother to Chloe.  She loves to get her car seat for me when I get there each day, and put Chloe's shoes on etc.
I just can't believe its all going to be so different come Monday.  But the new arrangement we are going to will have it's own good points.  We have decided after many interviews and much prayer, to have one of our dear friend's mother watch our angel.  She just recently moved here from Michigan to be closer to my friends' as they have just had a new baby themselves, her first grand baby.
She loves children and needs a job and I met her at church several weeks ago and she really took a liking to Chloe.  They heard we were looking for a new sitter at the time and she called and asked if she could do it for us.  So we have worked it out I think, she is going to actually watch Chloe at OUR HOUSE since she does not have her own place as of yet!!!  That is going to be so wonderful!!!  Chloe can sleep as late as she wants and take her naps and such in her own bed.  So the Lord has provided and we must adjust, but sometimes change is hard!!! 
I would say the biggest plus is that I will have peace of mind.  I totally trust Sam and do not worry one minute about her while I'm at work, and that was what I was looking for in trying to find a new sitter.  I know I can trust her to love Chloe as her own grand baby and you can't really put a price on that!!!
And on top of all that, we had an interior pipe leak in the walls between our 2 bathrooms, and we have had to totally demo our master bathroom down to the studs and it is now being remodeled.  I am taking pictures as it progresses, so I will do a blog post on it when it is finished, so you can all see the finished product.  It's going to be fabulous, we are installing a brand new tiled walk-in shower instead of a new bathtub--- Yeah baby!!!!
Ya'll have a great evening and I'll be back soon!!!