Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Angel !!!!

Happy Birthday my sweet precious girl!!!

Today is Chloe's 1st birthday and I can not express the emotions that are running through me at this moment when I see how FAR we have come!!!

One year ago today this angelic tiny baby was placed in my arms, to love for life and to raise to know and know the Lord!  She is more then the daughter I dreamed of having,,,,she is so unbelievable sweet, spunky, outgoing, loving and of course beautiful!

We celebrated her birthday with a big party last Saturday, and I will blog about that in the next post, but today, I just want to say how incredibly grateful I am that a young girl that thought she made a mistake, chose LIFE, and chose to be her birth mom.  I am more thankful that she chose US, little ole Sean and Heather, whom she really didn't know that well, but yet felt a  strong connection to, to raise her baby daughter.

After so many years of tears, fears, thousands of shots and loosing 11 babies of our own, we were truly at our lowest.  We thought our dream of parenthood was over, and just at the darkest night, came a phone call...... that changed the destiny of our lives forever!!!

That day when I held you for the first time, a year ago today, seems so long ago, with all we have been through together, but yet it still seems like just last week.  You have made our lives so full, so happy, so busy, and so.......amazing!!!  Chloe you were so wanted by your Mommy and Daddy.  We prayed untold prayers begging the Lord to let us have a little girl to love, a little girl just like YOU!!!  God made you and formed you in His womb, he made you the beautiful sweet perfect little baby so that Mommy could be your Mommy forever.

I love you more than life itself.  Sometimes while at work I sit and wonder what you are doing while playing with your little friends?  I wonder if you feel the love we have for you deep down inside?  I wonder will you embrace your story of your birth?  I wonder will you grow up to love your Mum and Dad, and understand how much we wanted you and loved you before you were even born?

So today as we celebrate YOU, we celebrate one whole year of loving you and watching you grow into this incredibly inquisitive little toddler.  We celebrate all the years to come and all the ways we will show you the world and impart God's incredible love to you.  It's hard to believe anyone could love you more than me and Daddy, but I know God does. He after all gave you to us. 

Always remember that God loves you and Mommy, Daddy and Grammy love you.  You are the sweetest and most beautiful little girl, and the answer to our prayers......
Happy Birthday angel!!!!!
Love, Mommy