Monday, April 9, 2012

Chloe's First Easter

This past weekend, we celebrated Baby Chloe's first Easter!!!  It was so much fun!!! 
 starting on Friday- Good Friday, we dressed our little bunny in her sweet little bunny outfit as you see in the pictures below.  She was happy as usual and waing it up for the camera!!!

Then she needed to take a short nap before we went to Good Friday Service at church.  Well I peeked in to see if she had fallen asleep while watching her mobile spin around, and I found this....

it was so cute- I had to snap a picture of it.  She had pulled her hair bow down to cover her eyes.  She always covers her eyes when she is sleeping, I think she likes it as dark as possible.  I just thought it was so funny, her laying there like this sleeping with her eyes covered with her hair bow.

We then woke her up and went to Good Friday Service at church.  It was so wonderful- such an awesome time of reflection on what Christ really did for us that day on Calvary.  We put Chloe in the nursery for the first time that night- and she was having NONE OF IT.  I was standing in church singing and I could feel that something wasn't right, that she needed me.  So as I was walking down the hall toward the nursery, they were coming to get me.  She was in a full out panic in there and wanted her Momma.  I was so happy to know that my "Mommy instincts" have kicked in and I could actually sense when she needed me.

Then on Saturday we interviewed a lady at her home about potentially becoming Chloe's full time sitter.  She was very nice and her house was nice.  She has a 10 mo old boy and 4 yr old boy.  The 10 month old is super sweet just like any baby that age.  But my biggest hesitation with this situation is that I noticed the 4 yr old being aggressive toward his younger brother and the Mom was rather slow to react to it.  I certainly don't want my angel to be a victim of his aggression while she isn't there.or watching every second.... so that is my biggest reservation.  We have another interview tonight, and we will continue to look.  Please pray for the right situation/home to come to us.  ;)

Then that brings us to EASTER SUNDAY!!!!  It was really a beautiful day!!!!  (Warning TONS of pictures below!!)  So after church we headed over to my parents for a cookout with our family.  There were so many people there but it made for a really nice day!!!

So we went outside and started taking pictures of my angel with her first Easter basket, and looking so precious in her Easter dress!!!  She still can not sit unaided so that's why my arm is in every picture  LOL !!

The sun was shining sooo bright that she had a really hard time looking up at the camera!!

Love these pictures of her on her belly!!!

Beautiful girl  :)

She was getting excited about all her new toys in her basket!!!
Next we attempted to take a family photo..... I look horrible.....I didn't even put lipstick on so I look so pale and washed out. And this is the only picture out of about 20 that Sweetness had his eyes actually OPEN!!!  All the rest his eyes were closed!!!  (again the beautiful sun was shining so bright!) But nonetheless we are a family and we needed our picture made together.
Then we took some pictures of Chloe with her grandma!!  This is my mom and Chloe's only living grandparent really.  But my Mom adores this girl- she has so many fun plans and dreams to do with Chloe one day :)

Isn't she beautiful??  And Chloe looks cute too!!!  My Mom is the amazing lady, who loves the Lord and has taught me to be of great morals, high character and to love others.  Everything I am or hope to be, I owe to my Mother!!!  She is just beautiful!!  Love you Momma!

Then we finally got home about pm last night, and my cousin and her hubby and youngest baby came over to meet Chloe and visit for a bit!!  They live in North Carolina and have 3 children actually, but just came up this weekend for a short weekend away and stayed on the beach.......Cool huh?
Well this is little Miss Kaylee and she is 11 months old and she is crawling and climbing on everything!!!  I hope Chloe was watching all that and gets to crawling real soon!!!  They were just so precious together!!!

Shortly after these few pictures were taken, Chloe crashed......she was soooooooo tired from all the stimulation.But she loves other babies.  She always goes right for them whenever we pass one while shopping etc.
And that about does it for Chloe's first Easter weekend!!!  I'd say it was a memorable one and I hope she can look back at these pictures for years to come!!!  Love you Chloe Bug!!