Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Setback......

This rollercoaster is never easy I tell ya! So today as you know was my baseline day where we start the stimming process etc. Sweetness and I both took the day off, and headed to the clinic at 8 am. So they take my blood, and we coughed up $20 000 (it was painful) and then we headed to get the ultrasound.

Dr O says that I have a big follicle on my left ovary along with my resident cyst that is always there. How the heck do I have a follicle when I am on BCPs and Lupron??????? No one really knows.

So they were waiting for my bloodwork to come back and they would call me this afternoon, but he was guessing my estrogen was too high, and I needed more time on Lupron to fully supress my ovaries before we can begin stimulation.

Well he called at 3pm, and tells me that my estrogen is in fact very LOW, exactly where it should be. HUH????? So how do I have a follicle? Still no one knows. So I am not starting the stimming tonight for sure, but now I have to go back in at 8am for bloodwork and another US!!!
My nurse Lisa assures me this is not something to get upset about, that this happens quite often and just means my ovaries are very eager to get going. But somehow I don't feel that way!!!

Seriously my body is not acting right!!! I still did not have a cycle when I stopped the BCPs 4 days ago! I have no idea what is going on, but worrying about it is not helping me, and certainly not changing anything! So hopefully I will have more of an update tomorrow evening, and hopefully we will be ready to start the stimulation drugs.

Sorry there is not more exciting news tonight, but that's all I have. We just want it to be right, we don't have another $20 000!!!! Thanks for the prayers and I will let you know!!!

Lord Jesus, please calm my fears, and please let everything line up tomorrow so we can begin this journey that will bring us closer to our baby!