Friday, July 23, 2010

A spider bite and then to the ER!!!

Boy do I have a story for you guys!!! I mean it is so freaky, you will not believe what happened to me. So two nights ago my alarm went off to take my BCP. Sweetness and I were already in bed, as I was exhausted and trying to be asleep before 1030pm. So my cell alarm goes of at 10pm, and I jumped up out of bed to take my pill. I walked into the kitchen and just turned on the sink light, so it was somewhat dark in there.

Put the pill in my mouth, and picked up the can I had almost finished drinking earlier in the night. Took a small swig of it, and BAMB!!! I immediately felt a ball of metal like pieces under my tongue, but it hurt like mad. So I immediately spit it out onto my hand, and I actually spit out a SPIDER!!!! Yes for REAL!!! That dude bit me under my tongue!!!

I screamed out for Sweetness, he comes running, and could not believe what I was telling him. He killed the spider and we put him in a zip-lock bag. Meanwhile about 3-4 minutes later, my tongue starts swelling, and my chest is tightening and I am feeling more and more desperate for breath!! I knew I was having a reaction to the spider bite!

So we threw on some clothes, speed to the ER, and they take me back immediately and pump me full of steroids and bena.dryl. Luckily it was not too bad, and they were able to reverse the effects. We were there forever, and bu the time we got home we were more than exhausted!! And strangely, they did not really want to see the spider or try to identify it, the doc was more concerned about my airway!

I am so thankful it was not worse, as it could have been super serious!!!

Anyway, today we finally began the injections! I started with my Lupr.on today, and I already am feeling super moody and very difficult to be around. Poor Sweetness, he has to live with this hormone-jacked up crazy woman. But I really feel like we are underway again, and it feels really nice!

That's about all the news for now. It is so blasted hot outside, day after day after day, I never go outside anymore. I mean we cant even breathe outside because of the humidity. I absolutely hate summer, this all has reinforced my love for winter!!!

Have a great weekend, and will update more soon!