Friday, February 17, 2012

Stream of Consciousness....

I have not had a chance to post Sweetness' Valentine's present that I made for him from a idea because I have been soooooo sick. I NEVER miss work, my classes will have no one to cover them, and when you teach college its kind of a big deal to miss, but yesterday I was so sick, I could not stop vomiting, it was really bad. I had Sweetness take Chloe to the sitter- I couldn't even watch her I was so sick.

So I am here at work today- just let my class out for the day, and I barely made it through. Only here because I had to be, they could never have finished the course on time if I missed 2 days!

But I'm feeling down. I put so much hard work into my blog, and I feel like no one cares or even reads it. NO ONE comments any more, so I wonder should I even do it anymore??

Yes I should.... for Chloe. This is to document her first year--- for her. I guess I would like to think that people would care and comment as much as I read and comment on other people's blogs, but life isn't always fair is it?

Chloe, Mommy works so hard to keep up with this blog, and the pictures for you because I will print this out in a book for you one day so you can see your first year and how amazing you were and how much you changed !

Speaking of change--- yesterday on the 16th was your technical 4 month birthday, so we will have to take your 4 month pictures tonight, now that mommy is feeling somewhat better!! Her sitter started trying rice cereal in a spoon and she did really great with it- so i will be doing that this weekend as well and I'm sure take pictures of all the fun!!!

I will post those later too!!! Hope everyone or anyone who reads this has a wonderful weekend.