Monday, March 12, 2012

21 weeks and my 300th post!!!!

Hey Guys!!! I can not believe it is already March!!! But we will embrace it and dress up our little princess like the doll that she is!!! I don't know what I did for fun before I had her..... really don't but I am having so much fun now!!

So baby girl is now 21 weeks old.... she weighs 14.6 pounds. She is has now moved into size 2 diapers and some stuff she is in 3 month clothes and in some things she is in 6 month clothes. depending on the cut. I'm told she is long and slender, I think she is just right!!!

But I know one thing---- she is so happy all the time- I wish I could be so happy all the time!!!
So after these few smiles, she clammed up tighter than a bug in a rug, an she was determined to not give anymore smiles no matter what!!!!
The "pouty" lip look was actually quite funny, and very hard to pull off!!

She was letting Mommy know she was done with the camera thing for the day, She was Done! My mom bought her these socks to go with her precious array of St. Patty's outfits....They say "My First St. Patrick's Day" on them.......

She is such a mess, and such a fun, sweet child...... It's hard not to love her to pieces. I miss her so much through out the day that I text her sitter to see how she is and what she is up to. Somedays I get little pictures back of what she is doing.... I looooove it!!!

This was her pretty Silver Tutu dress and she looked so adorable in it!!! We are going to have her Spring/Easter professional pictures made this upcoming weekend and I can not wait to see how beautiful they come out!!!

Now to an item I have been promising to post about forever....... his Valentine gift!!! I got the idea from, but just printout This on a normal sheet of paper, go buy any kind of 3-D colored heart of your choice at Micheal's and also pick any frame you would like to go with your decor........ then your two items go so great together!!!!!!!!

Then attach a dry-erase marker to the top with special ribbon so he (and I) can always write on there anytime we feel like it!!! You write on the glass, and it wipes right off because it is dry erase marker!!! Something like this!!!!!!!!!!!

One last finishing touch, was we got double sided Velcro to put it on our refridgerator, so it wont fall and it brightens up our days and strengthens our marriage!!!!!!
It looks something like this when put in its final home!!!!!!

One last thing that I accomplished this week, was I finally got Chloe's Easter Basket ordered with her name monogrmmed on it. All my friends' children, they have these beautiful baskets with these linings with the child's name monogrammed on it, and of course my princess had to have one too!!!

I finally found one that was very reasonable online and it arrived only 2 days later!!!! Here is a picture of it and I am VERY happy with how it looks!! That is a big Easter basket to fill every year!!! But this will be HER basket every year from now on!!!!

Well that's about it for today...... Oh and this is my 300th post- kind of cool!!!

Until next time!!!!!