Monday, September 20, 2010

Sorry for no posting

Girls, I have been in the rut. I have been so unbelievably tired, still no answers. My physical is THIS Thursday and I will hopefully get things turned around. I have been doing the minimal I can everyday just to get by and sleep some more. I know this sounds crazy but my body is tired

We did go to the Alabama vs Duke game this past Saturday and I have lots of pics to post for you guys to see. We got burnt to a crisp, baked out there for about 5 hours like pieces of meat under that HOT HOT HOT sun!!

I promise I will post about that tomorrow morning!! Also tomorrow evening is our first meeting about adoption. This is just informative and to see what all is involved to get the show started. I will let you guys know how it goes because I know several of my readers are also considering adoption, and know just about as much as I do.

Well I am headed to bed. Big surprise there! Ya'll have a great week in the Lord-
He truly has blessed us all beyond measure!