Tuesday, July 3, 2012

38 weeks!!!!

38 weeks old!!!  Where does the time go??!!   My baby is getting so grown up.  She can wave bye bye now, and she claps her hands in delight when she sees me and Daddy come through the door!!  It certainly is the dog days of summer right now....Geesh- its over 100 degrees everyday now and I am looking so forward to the fall breezes coming really soon.  I hate summer time- but I do love getting outside with baby girl and letting her explore her world!

 I just love this dress on her- she looks so patriotic!!!  And this cute red white and blue headband that coordinates just perfectly!!!  Ive been holding on to it just for her to wear on the fourth of July and to church this week.
 Baby girl loves to curl those toes!!!  :)

 The most beautiful face and porcelain skin.....:)

She is the happiest, funnest, silliest little girl ever!!

We can't wait for Daddy's family to get here tonight!!  This is their first time meeting Chloe, and they are staying with us all week!!.  Its going to be so much fun as Chloe celebrates her first 4th of July tomorrow!!!  I will keep this post short and sweet, but there will be many many more pics to come this week!!!
We wish you and your family the happiest 4th of July ever!!