Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Very Tough Decisions

I did not mean to keep you guys waiting about the Kell test results, but from the moment we got them- there has been one hurdle after another. So first off, both Sweetness and I are Kell negative!!! Very good results- so now we can safely use our surrogate without putting her in harm's way or jeopardizing our children.

But with that news came a flood of other concerns that are way too much to type here and you are probably not interested in all of them, but just suffice it to say we have gone from having so much hope and moving on- to everything has halted and we cant move forward (mainly because of very strict FDA laws concerning frozen tissue)- to today we now have a plan and are moving forward again.

Sweetness and I talked in depth last night about where we are, what our long term plan is, and what we are feeling right now. We both want this so badly, but we do ask ourselves why are there seeming to be so many roadblocks?? I love our surrogate and really want to use her, and do not want to pay more money and be matched with another one and go through all this screening testing again. its just too much, but the blood issue she has, has really thrown my clinic into unchartered territory.

I think we are past all the drama for now- and I am feeling very good this morning that we will finally move forward. So today I will stop by the clinic hopefully, and get a blood smple taken and they can determine where I am in my cycle, and begin to line up my and the surrogate's cycles. I also will have to write that dreaded check for all the money for the VERY last IVF cycle I will ever do. Then they can order the meds for her and I and get this party started!!!

That is all the news for now.

This weekend is going to be so fun. My grandmother turns 85 on Friday, and for the first time in over 20 years, all 8 of her daughter's are flying in to surprise her and spend the weekend at my mother's home (wher my grandma lives). I can not wait to see her face when she sees all her daughter's together again. She is so weak and frail, I am very afraid she will not last long after this. But this should make her very happy!!

I will post some pictures later of all the festivities!!! Have a great rest of the week!!! Love you guys!