Monday, April 30, 2012

29 weeks old and and we found our feet!!!

Wow.... when I say I have a beautiful gift from the Lord, I am not kidding!!!  I know I am partial being her mom and all, but when I first looked upon this series of pictures that were taken yesterday before heading out the door for church- I literally stood still in my tracks.  These are probably my new favorite pics of my angel- but I just cannot get over the amazing child I have been so blessed to raise and love on this Earth.

Our angel is now 29 weeks old, approximately 6 1/2 months, and she has gained a whole pound!!  She now weighs 16 lbs, she was just leveled out at 15 lbs for about 4 weeks which is unusual for a growing wittle one like her.
Her personality has really started to change and come into her own the past 2 weeks a lot!!  She changes some each day and I can not believe how much she is picking up and absorbing so quickly!!
She is in a size 3 shoe now, I bought her some precious baby Keds with the little rubber across the toe, but they were the "mary jane" style with velcro--easy on, easy off- and her little piggies wouldn't even go in!!  So we are now in a size 3 shoe, still in a size 2 diaper.  She is long and slender  :)
She can no longer sit in her swing, she is just too big!!!  She can actually reach up and pull off the little stuffed bears swirling around her head, so I put the kibosh on that one.  So we traded the swing for the chair, and the EXERSAUCER!!!

I scored a sweet deal on this top of the line exersaucer off!!  I kept looking until I found the one I liked on there that A- wasn't over $30 and B- wasn't nasty dirty and C- had all it's parts with it.  So this nice lady had saved all the little attachments in a big space saver bag so none were lost and it totally collapses down flat with a carry handle.
This is not a really good picture actually, but I finally snapped one of her in this thing the other night so you could see what I am talking about for those of you who may not know what an exersaucer is.  The big drawback (and only one in my opinion) is that this sucker takes about 27 AAA batteries!!!!  Each little part takes like 4 batteries to sing and light up- so we will see how long all these new ones we put in last with her making them all sing over and over and..... but hey it makes my girl happy- so what's some batteries???
So another funny thing she just picked up on this past week was SHE HAS FOUND HER FEET!!!  I love to see babies eating their toes and of course she is happy to oblige her momma!  Ha!  I caught her while I was sitting behind her in the above picture, so I snapped it.  I was afraid if she saw me she would stop doing it, but then I walked around front of her and she didn't stop when she saw me, and was quite pleased and tickled with herself as you can see in the shots below.

So that is about it with her new activities this week.
Meanwhile, we have had contractors in and out of our house all this past week and this week it will continue as they are rebuilding our Master Bathroom.  I mentioned it last week we had a leak in an interior wall pipe between our 2 bathrooms, and when we hired to come take off the one section of wall so we could have new drywall hung after a plumber fixed the pipe, they found mold!!!  eeeek!  So then it turned into an entire demolition of all the walls down to the studs!!  So it is all getting redone and remodeled while we were at it- and sucking up our entire tax return $$ Ugh! So I am taking pictures in a few stages and I will do a whole post of the rebuild once it is all completed which should be by this weekend!! It is going to look fabulous darling!

We had some other fun stuff this past weekend, but I am going to do a separate post on that and also about Chloe's last day at her daycare with Ms. Sam, where she has been since she was 6 wks old.  And today our new nanny started that watches Chloe here in our home---- and it went great today!!!  So I will blog about that next- so stay tuned!!!  Peace out!!!