Thursday, June 16, 2011

We finally have a calendar!!!!

So finally after at least 6 months of waiting, we have a calendar of dates that will take us all the way to the transfer to our surrogate!! I am soooooo excited!

So it will basically all begin on Sunday the 19th- my Surrogate starts Lupron
June 20th- I begin Lupron
June 27th - I stop BCPs (thank goodness- I hate these things!)
July 7th- I begin the stimulation to get my eggies
July 19 or 20th - egg retrieval!!!-- then fertilization
July 22 or 23rd- transfer of our little ones to my surrogate!

I am so thrilled! I cannot believe we have made it this far!! Also tomorrow, Sweetness and I go into the clinic and get a couple more blood tests done on him, and sign all the final consents! I am just so filled with hope- we finally have arrived!

So I will keep you updated and we will go through this together!

Oh one more thing I think I forgot to mention a while back..... Sweetness and I bought season passes to the zoo here in town. They are actually year- round passes, you can go all year to our zoo and tonight they are having a member's only shindig at the zoo at night. This should be cool because the zoo closes everyday at 5pm- so you never get to walk around at night. We are really looking forward to it.

Thanks again for every one's support- and I am soooooo ready to get this thing done!!!