Monday, May 9, 2011

Tying up loose ends.....

Hey peeps! Just another update..... but things are heading in the right direction!!! FINALLY!!

Lots of small ends are starting to get tied up and that is making me very happy!

I went in today to the clinic, and had my blood drawn so they can see where I am in my cycle. I am so irregular that I may not "start" until 60-90 days from now. So based on my estrogen and progesterone levels from today, I will most likely be put on 3 weeks of birth control pills and then begin the last stimulation of my life!!!

My surrogate has been great!! She is trying so hard to help get everything in order. So tomorrow she goes into the clinic for her baseline appointment. She will have a hydro sonogram to make sure her uterus has no polyps etc., then some blood work to see where she is in her cycle. So they can ultimately line us up! She already got a full STD panel done as well as her Pap. We are making lists and crossing items off quickly!!

I cant believe its actually starting it looks like!!!

In stark contrast to my wonderful events of the past couple days, I have some very sad news to report about my friend. Remember a couple weeks ago I had 5 different friends finding out if they were pregnant?--- well one of the 3 that were pregnant, was my special friend from my infertility support group. Well she had amazing numbers (a 550 first beta) and was progressing perfectly. Last Thursday she was T-boned on her drive home from work. A guy did not yield on the solid green light with no arrow and hit her. She was okay, just banged up, went to the ER by ambulance to check on the baby, and today she went back to the infertility doctor to check again. The heartbreaking news came this morning that there was no heartbeat or growth since Thursday.

I have felt so broken and sick since I found out this afternoon. Why is this all so hard and unfair??? She is such an amazing lady and she worked so hard to get this beautiful baby- and now here she is waiting to start bleeding. I am so heartbroken for my special friend. If you would offer a prayer up for her tonight- I know she would appreciate it!

Thanks again everyone for your amazing support. Its gonna be a good month- I began a whole new semester this morning at my job- whole new group of students and its gonna be great!!!

I will post later this week a few pictures of the amazing weekend we had with my grandmother celebrating her 85th birthday! It was indeed great!

Blessings to you...........