Thursday, April 26, 2012

The NoseFrida

I know you are probably asking yourself what is the "NoseFrida" ??  Well it is a contraption that has literally saved my sanity a many night now, and I wanted to share it with all the other mommies of babies out there, the way someone shared it with me (and I am sooooo thankful)!!!
Chloe had her first cold or maybe not a true full-blown cold, but she came down with a very congested head cold and VERY stuffy nose..... I commented on my private faceb.ook group of IVF Mommies that she was having such a hard time breathing and more importantly she couldn't even suck her bottle to eat because of the congestion and it was becoming a vicious cycle.  Well several of them commented  and told me to go get the NoseFrida, better known as the snotsucker!!!  LOL
 It came soooo highly recommended, I searched on where to find it, and they are sold of course in several baby boutiques in the area, (of which I am never off work during their banker's hours),  or you can get it online at good ole  Luckily, I somehow qualified for free overnight shipping and it arrived just in time!!!
So what is this NoseFrida you ask???  Well it is a device in which you place the end of the blue collecting tube piece slightly in the baby's nostril and you put the red end in your mouth and you suck on it like a straw!!!  :)  Hence the term the snot sucker!!
 Right about now you are probably thinking, that is so disgusting and you must be really desperate to do something like that..... well I kind of was.  My baby was crying and she couldn't eat and, you'll do anything you can to help them.  The beauty of this device is that you can get a sustained suction which is nearly impossible with the bulb syringes they give you at the hospital (BTW, all babies loathe the bulb syringes).  Shockingly, Chloe doesn't even cry when I use the NoseFrida, and it really really works.  I was shocked at the amount of snot that was in the bottom of the collecting tube after one small suck on the "straw"!!!
The best part is it is completely sanitary.  As seen in the picture below, there is a filter at the top, totally preventing anything from flying up into your mouth. The box even came with 3 replacement filters!!!

I hope all you mommies can get one and use it if you need to help your baby breathe easier should they catch a cold or become a  little
Please comment and let me know if any of you have one and what you think or if you get one and what you think!!!  I love all the cool baby gadgets out there now  :)