Friday, July 15, 2011

What if your healing comes through tears????

Hi. Its been a HARD week. Probably one of the hardest yet in this infertility journey.

As I type we are on our way out of town to Harpers Ferry, WV to go to Sweetness' best friend's wedding tonight. He and I have needed a get away of sorts, away from our everyday surroundings and just enjoy life again.

I have been constantly hearing this song on K-Love, and the line gets me every time I hear it- "What if our healing comes through our tears?" It just sticks with me, but after all the tears I have shed over this, you would think I was healed at this point. But the song's overall message is that all these trials in life could really be Mercies in Disguise. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.

One last thing- please pray for us as we meet birthmom L tomorrow in Pennsylvania for the first time. She is not coming back with us this weekend. She promised she would come on July 24th, but I will believe it when shes actually there. She just has a million excuses so we are trying to be patient and let her come in her own time- as long as she gives birth in Virginia!

I will update on the visit as soon as I can. Love you guys!