Monday, August 15, 2011

Game over- I'm out.

Well I know you are waiting for an update.

So we flew out of the house Friday night, drove to Hagerstown. MD, stayed in hotel overnight, went to my nephew's wedding at 11 am on Saturday. Then we drove another 2 hours north to Lancaster, PA and spent the evening with my friends PJ and Tara- man it was so good to see them. We had so much fun visiting covered bridges and shopping at outlets, I have pics to post and I will soon.

Then we went to bed. Sunday (yesterday) morning I text her at 7:30 when I got up- she said she would see me in 2 hours- right on track, then at 9:30 when she is supposed to be meeting us, she texted to say she is throwing up again and at the hospital. Are you really expecting me to buy this line again???? I was so livid, I really told her that I was so sick of all the LIES. WE JUST DROVE OVER 500 MILES TO PICK YOU UP AND YOU AREN'T GOING TO MEET US, AND FURTHERMORE WONT EVEN TALK TO ME ON THE PHONE B/C YOU DON'T WANT TO BE CONFRONTED ON YOUR LIES????? I was so upset...... so sweetness tried to comfort me as best he could- and we began the agonizing drive back home. It was POURING down rain the whole way and we were exhausted by the time we finally got home.

As we began to leave she asked us to spend the night and she would come tomorrow, huh??? No way were we getting sucked in AGAIN. And then she keeps telling me "Chloe is yours i promise", "I'm gonna drive myself down there on Aug. 30", "I just want to die", "Im sorry I am such a b****". I mean she really has some issues mentally- that's clear. I just don't believe anything she says. I don t understand how she could do this to another person and play with their emotions like this and not care.

So if I was in a bad place on Friday's post, you can imagine how I am today...... I am making it through the day until I can go home and break down.

And to make it worse. We got home last night, and went to grab a quick something to eat before bed, and the fridge died over the weekend, everything was hot and spoiled. All the meat we bought to have dinners with her this week, all gone....... So Im trying to get a repair person to come out today- but that seems impossible too right now.

When it rains..... it pours. I've about had all I can take God- game over-

I'm out.