Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My first post as a real Mom to Chloe!!!

Hi my special friends!!! I first want to thank each and every one of you who have even offered one single prayer on our behalf over the last 3 1/2 years as we have cried out to the Lord to have mercy on us and give my barren womb a child or to bless us in some other way. And bless us in some other way HE DID!!! Chloe Faith arrived in our life on Sunday evening October 16, 2011 at 6:42pm, and her weight was actually 6lbs, 3.5 0zs, not 6 ozs as was previously reported.

I will do a long story about how it all went later, as you know, and I am quickly finding out, new mom's are exhausted, so I have a few seconds here while grandma is rocking Chloe, so that I can put up this blog post because so many of you deserve a look at the fruits of your faithful prayers.

So this first picture was the first time I ever laid my eyes on her, and held her, and I must say I was waterworks for quite sometime. When we arrived, the hospital staff gave Sweetness and I a room to care for her just as if I was a patient myself in the hospital and delivered. I could not believe it!! We never had to ask for anything. We showered in there, and had 2 beds for us to sleep in in there, it was truly a God thing let me say!

This next picture is my Sweetness with his girl, holding his girl for the first time, and he cried , oh the tears of joy to see my sweetness with his baby girl FINALLY!!!

Chloe LOVES to be very tightly wrapped up and swaddled at all times and she stays this way all the time. Well I wrapped her up and put on this hat after a bath in the hospital and sent this pic to my mom and she sent back a message saying she looked like an Indian papoose baby:) Maybe she does, but she snuggles really good like this!

So yesterday after the pediatrician and all adoption papers were signed (what an agonizing story- later I will write all about that one) we packed up to leave. My little 6lb bundle almost got swallowed up in her car seat!! But her she is cute as a button on the steps to the hospital. I just can not say enough wonderful things about the nurses and staff at Holy Spirit Hospital in Pennsylvania where she was born- they were wonderful!!!!

And then when we arrived home last night after an 7 hr. drive (me in the backseat diligently watching over my sweet girl, my mom had decorated the whole front yard and the garage and the inside of the house with balloons and banners. It was so nice to come home to all that love. We took pics of it on my big camera, these pics on this blog post are from my phone to make it easy right now. So I had my first night last night as a mommy with all the middle of the night feedings, and I am so tired. But I will cherish each one of these feedings because they grow so fast and it goes by so fast. So just so I could get a shower today I put here here in her boppy chair, and then she began to scream as I applied my shampoo, so I was stuck, but we made it through....welcome to parenthood right???

Again.... Glory to God, and all praise to Him who made this miracle possible!!! I know I doubted, but He did it in His timing not mine, and so I'm human. But I know so many of you were praying for us and really felt our pain, and you yourself maybe in the midst of the infertility pain. I understand and I so completely understand. Hang on your miracle is coming. There are so many things that happened with this delivery that I KNOW with out a doubt God's hand was all over this adoption , THIS MIRACLE, because Satan was trying his hardest to make it not happen.

Bless you all, and this silence on my blog, is just me loving every minute of my new peanut. I'll be back soon, with some more pics that you will love!!!! Blessings to all of you!!