Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still waiting...... on Chloe......

Well we are still waiting..... Me and L are still in CONSTANT all day contact everyday all day by texting. She says she is feeling fine but is ready to get her out. So she had an ultrasound of her gallbladder early Monday morning and they told her she would know the results at her weekly appointment on Thursday. So we are all hoping that the doctor is going to make a decision at the appointment on Thursday to induce or something. This waiting is becoming unbearable really.

Updating from my last post, my nephew has cut off all communication with L, so she is feeling very anxious, but I think it is best really for the whole situation. As I have said earlier they are not good for each other, they are like oil and water and very volatile but they both can not seem to break that "habit" and familiarity of one another. So hopefully after Chloe is born they will go their separate ways and the drama of all of this will die down and they can both move on.

As far as the paperwork goes, I overnighted my nephew's to him, and his dad has taken him to get his signed and notarized and done today, and hers can not be done until after the baby is born, so we will handle it when the baby is born. She is an adult, her dad can not force her to do anything really, and she has assured me that she is going to stand up to him if he tries to assert himself in any way she does not want. So please continue the prayers we need them desperately. This is where we need the Lord to fill her heart and especially her parents, and to let them stop making this so hard on her. They WANT her to give the child up anyway, I just will never understand why they continue to make it so difficult for her.

But I will continue to keep you updated. Thanks for all the love and prayers.