Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I must say the 2ww is going by faster than I thought it would. But I just wish I could stay positive throughout the whole 2ww. My positivity waxes and wanes with each breath. I am trying very hard not to POAS, and just wait for the beta on Friday, but its so hard waiting- knowing that one small blood test could totally change your life.

But I know it is all in the Lord's hands now, and maybe just maybe I have 1,2 or THREE precious little ones settling in........ be still my heart.

Ill let you guys know for sure! Until then thank you for the prayers.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I'm still here....trying so hard to be positive but it so hard sometimes.

I survived Thanksgiving with my crazy family- I stood outside for hours and felt some cramping "down there" so I thought maybe this was working...... so I rested the rest of the night.

Now we are finally home and just relaxing all day. I about had a stroke last night as Auburn killed my Alabama boys....not a good weekend of football!

I must call this week to set up my beta test- Not sure when it is actually, I think Friday...... I will probably pee on a stick before then, so I will keep you posted. Happy Holidays ya'll.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm worried....

I am so worried I have hurt the babies..... this is why.

This morning about 5am- my dog Baxter woke me up as he was wretching to throw up- he vomits quite a bit- so I am used to hearing that awful sound. So I throw the covers back and jump up and pick him up while he is wretching to put him on the bathroom floor- to SAVE MY CARPETS!!! Well I succeeded in that- but then I felt some cramping down there and I was not even thinking about being pregnant- So now I am all worried about my embryos.

My dog is not small- he weighs about 50 pounds- but I picked him up and carried him while bent half over- I feel so awful- like such a bad mom. But when you are awoken from a dead sleep, most of us are not thinking too clearly.

So I keep praying that the Lord will protect these little bundles- gosh knows my heart aches to hold them someday. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow- I know I have SO MUCH to be thankful for!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pregnant!!!....until proven otherwise!!!!

Here they are!!! Our precious babies that are now resting safely in my womb where they belong! Everything went perfect today- no hitches at all!! The doctor even told me that they had all cleaved over night meaning they were all dividing and growing just like they should!! How great is that???
So now the dreaded 2 ww begins.....however with the holidays this week, it should really make it go by much faster! Thanks again everyone for all the prayers, text messages and emails today - you were all with us every step of the way. Grow babies grow!!! Please stay with momma! I will update again soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wonderful News!!

Just a quick update! The doctor called this morning and told us that all 3 of our precious embryos thawed out perfectly and all survived the thaw!!! This is a HUGE answer to prayer and we have been asking God for specifically this very thing- that none would perish in the thawing procedure. Thank you Jesus!

So all hormones look great from yesterday's blood work- we are truly ALL SYSTEMS GO!!!! for transfer on Monday morning!!! We cant believe it is finally here!!! Tomorrow by this time I will be Pregnant until proven otherwise!! YEAHHHHHH!!!

So at this point there is nothing barring us from having this transfer tomorrow morning as expected. This is a true miracle if you knew all the hurdles that we have had to over come!! I feel really bad right now-just overall blah!!! I guess that is to be expected given how many medication I am on.... here is a list:

Love.nox, Prome.trium, proges.terone in oil injections, Viv.elle patches (estrogen), estradiol, Cipro, Serzone, Baby Aspirin, and Synthroid. Wooh- that is alot of junk making me feel so ugh....

But it will all be worth it to have our precious babies.

I will update tomorrow evening and let you know how everything goes, and then we enter the dreaded 2ww......

Thanks again for all the friendships, love and prayers. They sustain us during this difficult journey.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The lining is SUPER thick!!

Quick update!! Went to the doc this morning and my lining has thickened from 4.7 on Monday to 8.5 today!!! That is almost doubled by doubling up in the estrogen! So ALL SYSTEMS ARE A GO for Monday!!!

We are thrilled! Finally got here, ready to get my babies back in me where they belong. When I have more time to update I will tell you more about what the doc said this morning- she believes that I am not ovulating......

Anyway, thank you all for your prayers. We are feeling really good now, and are enjoying seeing His hand all over this, meeting our every need. May God get the glory for all the great things He has done!!!

Monday- come on!!! Bring it!! Our hearts are so ready!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Update

Hey ladies! Quick update. Yesterday afternoon I went to the doctor for bloodwork and an US. Well I don't know the blood work results yet today, but Dr. O did my US, and I do have a trilaminar lining (which is great), however it is not thick enough at this point. So he has decided for me to be on estrog.en 3 days longer before starting progest.erone. So that means the transfer has been moved from Friday to Monday the 22nd. It is certainly not what we expected, and I already had my sub for my class all lined up, but Sweetness and I trust the Lord, and his TIMING most. We know there is a reason for this change in plans so we accept it with a joyful heart and trust that this will be OUR time!

Thanks fro praying, we go back on Friday morning, and get another scan. I will update you then!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I am still here....and full of hormones!

Hey ladies! I know it has been awhile since I last posted. I am currently right in the middle of my FET. The goal is to receive our 3 precious frozen embryos THIS Friday!!!! We are real excited! I tell you tough I have been feeling quite yuck through out this cycle. I mean the hormones from the patches are making me super cranky and all over not feeling well.

So Sweetness and I are headed to the doctor this afternoon to sign all the consents for thawing and all that good stuff. They will look at my lining and take blood. Please pray everything is right on track and that this cycle- the 4th time we have done IVF would result in our miracle! I am so tired really, I told Sweetness this weekend that I am just not sure I can do this anymore- I mean it is SO HARD on your body. And lately I have been worrying that all this hormone replacement through IVF over and over could lead to me getting breast or ovarian cancer in the future..... *Sigh**

But everything else is going great!! This past weekend we traveled to Maryland where Sweetness grew up, for his best friend's 40th Birthday party. It was really fun and he was totally surprised, but man 5 hours there and 5 hours back was just a loooonnnngggg weekend, and now here I sit at work on Monday at 7am- and I am wiped out!!!

But I am just focusing on this week- on Friday- and praying that all 3 babies survive the thawing process and that by December we can celebrate a new chapter in our lives! Thank you to all my sweet girlfriends who have encouraged, prayed and lifted me and Sweetness up in this very hard period as we wait on the Lord!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Okay ladies, I have been promising this post for some time now, and today I actually had time to get ALL these pics uploaded. Warning: this post is filled with many pictures!!

About a month ago, a really neat exhibit came through our area called the Bra-ha-ha. This is a neat exhibit where many local organizations and people have taken a bra and decorated it with something neat or funny or sentimental to them. They were all put in this ginormous collection that tours around for people to look at. The purpose of this is to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. I thought it was really neat!!!! Disclaimer: I did not see it said no photos until I was uploading them and blew them up. Oops!

One last thing before I get to the pictures of all these fun bras~ hanging around the neck of the mannequin of each bra is a card that you can read if you click on the picture and blow it up. On the card it has some neat facts about the making or inspiration about that particular bra! ENJOY!!!

There were so many......

Over 200 bras......

So I took only a small collection of pictures of the really cool ones!

Starting off with the "Candle-bra"

The "Blue-footed pheasants"
A true "pear"

A perfect couple

The "cupcakes"
A "Faceb.ook" bra

A "Fairy tale"

In memory of....

An this is one called "Forget-me -not" It was actually the winning bra of them all.
Sorry it is blurry, all of these were taken on my iPhone.

The "Girl Scouts" bra

The Halloween bra
"Keeping it together"

The "Lady Ga-Ga" bra LOL

"Today is a gift"

The Minnie-mouse bra

"Don't focus on the negatives"
A Nurses' bra

Spring Flowers

"Pearls of Wisdom"

"Perky Pennies"

A Lego bra

Red-White- and Blue bra

The Sandbridge beach bra
I remember the story about this one. Basically the woman that designed this bra was diagnosed with breast cancer and given several months to live. She spent her days walking on Sandbridge beach and relaxing her mind and being stress-free. She actually beat the cancer and this was over 20 years ago. Such a nice story.


"Something blue"

"In full bloom"

The Starbucks bra


A Penny for your thoughts

VA oncology group made this one

White ballet

"White chocolate"

So there you have them, the fun bras of the Bra-ha-ha exhibit. I hope you enjoyed them they were so fun to look at while walking through them!
On the IVF front, things are going well as I am continuing to prepare my body to receive our little bits on Nov. 19th!!! I am still taking Baby aspirin, Love.nox injection, and Viv.elle patches each day. Feeling cautiously optimistic, just don't want the heartbreak again.
Thank you for all the prayers..... He hears them all!!! Love you guys!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some really great news!!!

As I blogged yesterday afternoon, I finally "started"!!! I have never gone 60+ days in my life! I have no idea why this happened like this, other than God's timing is perfect- and maybe , just maybe, it was to bring us to this special moment in time that will turn into our "time."
So I called the clinic to report Day 1- and poof!! Just like that I am on all these meds preparing my body to receive my precious babies. OK here it is: last night I started Love.nox 40mg each night, applied 2 Viv.elle patches, started baby aspirin a day, and prometr.ium progesterone. I could not believe how quick we are back in the IVF saddle again!
So I have a specific protocol to follow for the next 15 days, and then our transfer will be Friday, November 19th!! I am so excited again!!
Talking to my Sweetness last night, we both are happy to be back actually doing something to make our baby a reality. The waiting is agony, really it is!
One more thing that I would like to mention, is Sweetness just found out he tested positive fro an antibody marker for Lup.us. The doc said it was a very low titer- but he has never tested positive for it before. So because he has such a bad family history of genetic immunological issues (his mom died of rheumatoid arthritis in the lungs, and one brother has rheu.matoid arthritis pretty bad), they are sending him to a Rheumat.ologist to have it checked out. Of course he is nervous, but I am asking my prayer warriors to please offer up a prayer on behalf of my precious husband, that this would not be anything serious.
Thank you again for all the encouraging words- maybe just maybe this is it! Love all you girls and I promise to do those blog posts I keep promising and then never get them done! Life is too busy! :) Have a remarkable, fantastic, and super duper day!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can it really be????

OK ladies- I can hear the angels singing down here!!!! Hallelujaer Hallelujer...... It looks as if the period that never was going to show again, has finally appeared today and I have never been so happy about AF in my life!!!!! :))))))

So now, we can move on to the FET protocol! Thank you Lord!!!!