Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In the meantime....

Well I feel like we have been waiting forever to start our next IVF..... and finally tomorrow, we will have our first IVF consult at our new RE. WE are very excited, just nervous about handing them a check for $20,000!!! But we need to have a plan and tomorrow we will get it all laid out for us.

Also tomorrow is my Sweetness' birthday!!! So after our appointment we are heading over to his favorite seafood restaurant called McCormick's and Schmicks. We only go there on a big occasion, because it is quite pricey, but it should be great fun!!!

Then on Friday night we are going on a cruise we won, a evening dinner cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk to again celebrate his birthday. And thennnnnnnn, Saturday we are driving up to Washington DC to meet up with a old college friend of mine and hang out and tour museums and such. So we have an incredibly packed week ahead of us!!! I will be sure to post pics of our fun week, I know I have been slacking on the pics lately!

Thanks for all the prayers and messages, I know we will be pregnant by August with God's help!!! We can feel it!!!