Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just some of Chloe's visitors

Baby girl has had many visitors since she arrived in the world and I am using this blog year to document her little life for her eventually print to a book for her first year, so I wanted to document her first visitors she has had.......

Of course the first and most special and dear ones are grandma and great-grandma the week she came home. Four generations!!!!!

Ms. Erica sure does love baby girl!!
Her Aunt Joycie and Uncle Ron came all the way from Atlanta to see her and love on her. They brought her the most beautiful outfits and we cant wait to see them again soon!!!!

My Dad and his wife came over on New Year's Eve and brought her the cutest interactive books for Christmas and loved on Chloe the whole time.

And also on New Year's Eve our special friends PJ and Tara from Pennsylvania came over to see baby girl again. They were the ones that were at the hospital where she was born in Pennsylvania and were her very first visitors!!! She has changed alot since then.....

PJ had just come from a day in the field trying to catch his first buck, but no luck that day.

Thanks everyone for coming to visit my sweet baby girl. She will grow up to love all of you!!!