Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 2 month Pediatrician visit and first Shots

Well last Friday you turned a whole 2 months old, and it was also the day you ha your 2 month well baby check at the pediatrician office. And with that wonderful visit came your first set of immunizations...... Mommy dreaded them so bad. But before the visit you were so happy and sporting your beautiful Baby's First Christmas outfit. You are just a ham these days in front of the camera, and you smile so beautiful for me. I just adore you!!!

Then we had to get to the doctor. You were in the 25% for weight, you are our tiny princess at only 9lbs, 13.6 ozs., you are in the 50% for length at 21" long, and you have a big noggin!!! in the 85% at 15' around!!! Which means you are going to be super duper smart!!!

After all the measuring and looking over by the doctor, the mean old lady came on and took your shots, I had daddy take a picture, not because I enjoyed it, but because I just wanted to document it for you. My heart broke as they put those 3 long needles in my baby's leg and you screamed so hard you lost your breath. But then within 3 minutes you sucked on your paci and you were so happy.

Then after 10 minutes or so Dr. Lexi.er came back in to check on you because she is such a wonderful doctor and she held you and you were all happy again and dressed and totally forgot about those ole shots!!!

As a new mom I have never had to deal with a pediatrician for my child, but I tell you I really like our doc. She takes so much time with us and is very gentle with my sweet girl. She actually went through infertility herself and has twin girls through IVF she has shared, so I feel like she understands the miracle you feel after you have finally conquered infertility!!!

Then we were all snuggled in and getting sleepy before we could even get out of the exam room..........

And yep, she is out, before we even got into the car....... those shots wore her out, but I feel better now my baby is protected against some of those awful diseases out there!!!

Sleep tight my precious!!!!