Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sometimes.....Change is a good thing

Change.......not something most of us welcome or enjoy particularly, especially when you are perfectly happy in the place you find yourself.  However change sometimes pushes you to experience things you wouldn't otherwise experience and meet people you might not otherwise have met.
Case in point is Chloe's sitter situation.  I have mentioned Ms. Sam several times on this blog.  She has been Chloe's one and only sitter since she was six weeks old.  We adore her and her family and have really come to have a nice friendship.  When she dropped (and I do mean dropped- without any inkling) that she had made the decision to close her in-home daycare to return to school to pursue her dream of being a nurse, I was devastated.  Sweetness and I have never felt so much peace and confidence in where our child was and who she was with all day.  Although I totally get and understand why she made her decision, I still hated in my heart.  Selfishly I didn't want to make this change.
But it was coming whether I liked it or not, and the dreaded last day arrived this.past Friday, April 27th.....
I got her two children gift cards (bc I had no idea what to get them) and they were soooo thrilled!!!
Here they are showing off their cards.....Dakota's was to Best Buy and Gracie's was to Justice.  I also gave Sam and  her hubby a gift card to the Outback   :)  I found myself tearing up when trying to write Ms. Sam a card. There was so much I wanted to say, but mostly a big thank you for loving my girl, and help her progress well in her learning curve.

They have 2 really sweet dogs.  This is Miss Lexi, the old soul that loved no the kids all day and was such a sweetheart.
And then there is this little fella.....Mr.Chino the terror  LOL!!
So we hugged and said "See you soon", not "Goodbye", because we will still each other- Ms. Sam wants to see her little Chloe growing up!!!
So fast forward a weekend and that  takes us to yesterday, when change has brought us a wonderful person we might never have met had it not been for this change in daycare providers. 
Meet Bonnie.  She is Chloe's new sitter and we could not be more thrilled.  She is so sweet and she loves my girl.  She has decided to watch Chloe at our house, so we dot even have to get her all dressed and out the door so early anymore----SO NICE!!!!

Chloe has taken to her right away and I am so happy about that.  Bonnie is a wonderful christian that will read all the bible books to her and teach her about Jesus during the week.  So today is day 2 and it just feels like this is a wonderful fit.  So this change that I fought so hard- I am embracing!!!
Another bonus about Ms. Bonnie is that she loves dogs!!!  So happy about that so she isn't afraid of my fur babies.  They just want a little loving on too and she is happy to give it to them.

Well that is all for this post.  But I really am so happy about this change in our lives.  Its turned out to be better than we thought.  I have so much peace of mind while at work and I have gained a new friend and a wonderful caregiver for my most precious angel.

Welcome to the family Bonnie!!!
You are here to stay!!!  :)