Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chloe loves her Grandma!!!!

So here is Miss Priss, happy and ready to go play with her friends !!!

Her shirt today reminds me of something I have been wanting to post about for awhile now but keep forgetting........ When I was going through infertility struggles, I lost or dropped most of my friends.  I was jealous in part of them having baby after baby and it was too painful to be around, and I also could not relate to where they were in their life at that point.  Having a child changes everything and they wanted to talk about that, and I .....well was still pining away for that life for myself! 

But through it all one constant friend remained, my mom.

My mom empathized with me as best she could, having not been infertile herself.  But she did desperately want a grandchild as much as I wanted to give her one.  So in that space we could relate and understand the feelings of unfairness, jealousy, confusion and the why me's???


Since we have been blessed with Chloe, I have gotten a chance to see my mom become the grandmother she always wanted to be.  She adores our little princess, and she takes every opportunity to see her or play with her etc.  My parents live about 45 minutes from our house, but my mom works right near our house and her daycare.  She will sometimes go pick her up from daycare and bring her home for us, just to spend some time with her.


Other times she will come over for the evening after work and play and play with Chloe, help bathe her and rock her to sleep, then spend the night to see her in the morning and go to work from our house since we are so close by.  Chloe has come to know and LOVE her grandma and I am so happy she does!

I hope their bond lasts a lifetime, like mine has with my Nana.  I hope she can always find that solice in life with her grandma...... and learn from her all the wonderful advice she has to share.  Thank you Mom for being the Grandma I always knew you would be.......

And to Sean's Mom, Grandma Mary, you never got to meet our baby Chloe, but we know she has an angel in heaven watching over her all day, and she would have adored you too!!!  :0)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Enjoying the beautiful Fall Weather

Yesterday, the weather here in Virginia was absolutely wonderful!!!  It just begged you to come outside and enjoy the sunshine and the cool fall breeze!!!  So my friend Tonya and I decided to take our girly girls back to our favorite park!!!
I ordered these shirts for them several months ago, because we are going to take them to the pumpkin patch together in 2 weeks and I thought they would look so cute being matchy matchy  :)  Well we couldn't resist so we thought we would give them a try, and toddlers are just cute no matter what they are doing, and I think these pics turned out adorable!!!!
Sarah is about 4 months older than Chloe and she is walking and running circles around Chloe ~ who at the moment can cruise while holding on to something sstationary.  So we decided to have them sit on this bench, and their size difference is quite pronounced looking at them in this picture, but when they are playing they look almost equal.  Strange!!!
Both of them are only children, but Sarah has for sure learned how to take what is hers.  They are so funny at this age, when they know its "theirs", its theirs and there is no more discussion needed.  LOL
And sweet little Chloe just wants to have some of what everyone else is having, and she is a bit oblivious to other children's sentiments towards her!!!  ;0)
And then Sarah decides she has had enough of all the posing..... but Chloe is an old pro- It looks like she is thinking here "Hey Sarah, it's not too bad having your picture made, my Mommy does it all the time."
Then Tonya tries to distract them, and I think this is probably the best shot of the day, both of them somewhat smiling and you can see their names on their shirts!!!  This one is a framer I think!!!   :0)
Sarah still loves her paci sometimes when she is upset, and Chloe threw hers away a long time ago for her thumb, but she was certainly intrigued with seeing Sarah with hers, I wonder if it brought back memories of when she had hers 24-7???  Chloe just looks so intrigued  !!!
Funny Sarah.....

Sarah hopped down to be by her Momma (because she can), and that left my little Chloe sitting there alone.

Ever the little comedian, she did some crazy and funnny poses for us,
sat and listened to us talk and laugh.....

and lastly, waves her hands in the air (like she is going to fly away) for Mommy to pick her up!!! We let the girls' swing and they just loved it as usual and we had to pull them off crying. They just looooove the swings!!! We then took a long walk with the girls in the area around the big Fun Forest playground, until the girls were tired out!!!

After 2 hours in the park and all day at daycare, baby girl was prety tired and dirty.  So we headed home and in the bath she went!!  She got to actually sit in the tub by herself for the first time last night.  She can balance well enough now that I was okay letting her balance herself in the water.  She splished and splashed and had a good time!

 My favorite part of bath time is getting her out. Playing Peek-A-Boo while dryingher off, putting that good smelling night-time baby lotion all over, PJs and then brushing her beautiful hair. Well last night I asked Sweetness to brush her hair while I cleaned up the bathroom from the bath, and Daddy had some fun with my little girl......he gave her her first MOHAWK !!!!
It was a fun filled day, and I loved every minute of being her mommy.  We rocked her to sleep and she slept her usual 12 hours!!   I have an angel baby and I feel so incredibly blessed for all the gifts we HAVE been given.'s good!

Monday, September 24, 2012

50 weeks old!!!!

Good gracious!!!!  I can not believe my little baby is a whole 50 weeks old!!!  2 more weeks until the big 1 year old!  She has blossomed into such an adorable, loving, stubborn :), amazing little girl!!  I am so in awe of the child the Lord chose for us to love and raise.  She fits into our family so well!
Miss Priss was super cranky on Saturday, very clingy and just seemed "off".  So I called the Ped's office, they said to take her to an Urgent Care that we would have a horrible night if I didn't, and they would call and tell them we were coming and we would only be charged our regular co-pay.  Okay!!!  So we took her in about 6pm Saturday, and sure enough, this mommy's instincts were dead on!!!  She has 2 ear infections!!!
So she is on Augmentin this time, we just got over an ear infection 6 weeks ago where we took Amoxicillin.  So hopefully this will knock those bugs out of my baby's ears!!!  When I dropped her off at day care this morning she was a bit more clingy than usual, and she has finally gotten to the point where she goes right to Ms. Cassie in the mornings.  It makes this momma's heart happy when she loves her teachers and goes happily to them in the morning, and doesn't cry when I leave.  She has to be well for her 1st birthday pictures next Saturday and of course for her party the weekend after!
Chloe is cruising now, holding onto things while she walks around them.  So that's hopefully the last stage before she takes off on her own!!!  I really wanted her to be walking for her 1 yr photos, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen!  And we have decided that during her one year photos, we will be taking a family portrait as well!  I am excited because we have not taken one as a family since having Chloe!
This past weekend we went and got her some Stride Rite shoes, an early birthday present.  She measured a 4 1/2!!!  Yikes, my girl is going to be tall!!!  So we bought a size 5 so she will have room to grow and she loves them already!!!  All my friends have said that having them in Stride Rites are the best for them to begin walking!!  But yikes those suckers are pricey!  She has on her new shoes in these photos, and they are so easy to put on, they look tied, but they are actually stretchy elastics!  very cool design when fighting to put shoes on a wriggling toddler!

I love this girl with everything I am, and I am so incredibly blessed to be her Momma, and that day I had been waiting for happened yesterday!!  She finally said "Mom-ma"!!!!  I was feeding her dinner, she was in her high chair acting silly, and I said Momma, and then she just repeated me like she says it all the time!!!  Sweetness was in the kitchen and he heard it too!!!   It's such a sweet sound coming from that baby like voice!!  Yeah Chloe!!!
So I am busy planning the party!  We will have around 12 people there I think, depending on if some of my cousins come.  I came to all their kid's 1st birthday parties to support them, it would be nice if they felt the same love and support for me.  But it wont dampen my baby's big day!!!
Until next time---- Have a blessed week!

Monday, September 17, 2012

An afternoon at the Park with Breahna

Before I begin I want to warn you this post has a ton of pictures in it!!  LOL
So last Friday was a pretty awful day at work, I'll just leave it at that, and it's so wonderful when the Lord sends just what you need JUST when you need it isn't it??  He's cool like that!! ;)
So just when I was about to unload on some coworkers and some students for that matter..... my sweet girlfriend Robin texted and asked me if I would like to go to the park with her and her precious little girl Breahna?  Ummmm seriously???  Like yes, a million times yes!!! This was just what my heart needed!!
So as soon as I let my class out, I ran and picked up Chloe at Day care just down the street, ran home and let the doggies out, and then we were off to the park!!!  This is such a cool park!!!  In fact this is the park where we will be having Chloe's first birthday party in a few short weeks!

Anyway, we started by putting the girls on the you can see Chloe was happy and giggling, and Miss Breahna was so tired she was kind of being lulled to sleep..... poor baby!!!  We tried everything to get her to smile..... nothing
then her mommy spun her swing to the side..... and there is a little one creeping out......
and then we got some smiles!!! She is sooo cute!!!
So after swinging for awhile, some other little ones wanted a turn, we took the girls to the slides, and Bre had a fit, she was loving those swings!!!  The next set of pictures are some of my favorites ever of Chloe and a friend.  I wish the sun was not so bright and masking the color.... but you can still see them okay.
So we put them on the top of the double slide, and neither one knew quite what to do!  Bre was a bit pensive and Chloe of course couldn't go down alone...
So I helped Chloe down and she smiled and thought it was so fun!!!
Then she was waiting for her friend to come down too, but Bre was still pensive and tired......
I lifted Chloe back up there and Chloe decided she was going to make friends whether Bre was or not!!!
Bre seemed kind of happy until Chloe touched her!!
I think this picture is hilarious!!!!  Chloe is so happy to touch another baby, but Bre is like "Dude don't touch me!"  LOL  But she didn't really say anything, and as Robin and I stood there and watched
Chloe began to blow Bre kisses......  be still my heart!!!!  My precious little girl
was blowing her friend kisses!!!!  If you look at the next 4 pictures kind of quickly you can see how fast my camera captured her blowing 2 kisses....mmmmmmwwwwwaaaaa! she says with each kiss.

Too stinkin cute!!!!

Then while I played with Bre on the slide for a minute, Robin was helping Chloe with her walking skills.  She is getting better and better!!!  My hope is that she will be walking by her 1st birthday, or better yet her 1 year photos.  But she probably wont, so we will have a bunch of sitting photos again!!  :)
Love this little girl!!!

I'm coming to you Momma!!!
After we left the park with 2 very hot and tired babies, we headed to Mexican for an early dinner.  It was so nice to just catch up with my precious friend whom I don't see nearly as much as we used to or I would like to.  And it's only going to get busier, because Robin is 10 weeks pregnant with her second little bean!!!  Her hubby is sure hoping for a boy this time, so we will all have to wait and see what God has planned!!!
Thank you Lord for the true companionship and love of good friends and for sending them just when I need them!!! 

11 months old already!!!!! (and 49 weeks if your counting)

Another month has passed us so quickly, it hardly even seems real that Chloe is already 11 months old!!!  But yesterday she was 11 months exactly-- as well as 49 weeks!!!  Her 1 year birthday has been a date that seemed so very far away, and now it is breathing down my neck.  I almost have a 1 year old!!!
She is soooooo busy now...... goodness gracious, this child can not hold still for a minute.  As you can see she wont even leave the dry erase board alone now for her weekly picture!!!  She is such an inquisitive little girl and I am happy about that- but wow does she keep me hopping!!!
Miss Priss was not feeling particularly well this past weekend.  So when we took these pictures yesterday she was not wanting to cooperate at all.  I absolutely adore this outfit, and I have been saving it to be one of the outfits she will be having her one year photos made in, so I may try to get some better pictures one day this week when she is her normal happy self.  And I can't hardly wait until her 1 yr professional pictures are made on Saturday Oct. 6th!!!
But we had a pretty low-key weekend, just enjoying spending time with her and Sweetness.  Life gets so busy during the week I feel like I don't see either one of them much at all.

Oh a small bit of good news:  Chloe's birth mom L said she would like to come to her 1st birthday party!!!  I am really happy about that!  Now whether she actually makes it or not we will have to see, but she said her boyfriend and his sister would like to come as well.  I would love to have that picture for Chloe as she grows into a young lady of her birth mom and me at her 1 year birthday.  Unfortunately we were not able to get any pictures together when she was born due to her parents, so this would be a wonderful beginning for her to build a relationship with Chloe.
I hope the Lord blesses you all with a great week and you begin to enjoy this cooler Fall weather that is now upon us!!!  I know we will be outside a lot more often ourselves!!!  Happy Fall Y'all!!!!