Monday, September 24, 2012

50 weeks old!!!!

Good gracious!!!!  I can not believe my little baby is a whole 50 weeks old!!!  2 more weeks until the big 1 year old!  She has blossomed into such an adorable, loving, stubborn :), amazing little girl!!  I am so in awe of the child the Lord chose for us to love and raise.  She fits into our family so well!
Miss Priss was super cranky on Saturday, very clingy and just seemed "off".  So I called the Ped's office, they said to take her to an Urgent Care that we would have a horrible night if I didn't, and they would call and tell them we were coming and we would only be charged our regular co-pay.  Okay!!!  So we took her in about 6pm Saturday, and sure enough, this mommy's instincts were dead on!!!  She has 2 ear infections!!!
So she is on Augmentin this time, we just got over an ear infection 6 weeks ago where we took Amoxicillin.  So hopefully this will knock those bugs out of my baby's ears!!!  When I dropped her off at day care this morning she was a bit more clingy than usual, and she has finally gotten to the point where she goes right to Ms. Cassie in the mornings.  It makes this momma's heart happy when she loves her teachers and goes happily to them in the morning, and doesn't cry when I leave.  She has to be well for her 1st birthday pictures next Saturday and of course for her party the weekend after!
Chloe is cruising now, holding onto things while she walks around them.  So that's hopefully the last stage before she takes off on her own!!!  I really wanted her to be walking for her 1 yr photos, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen!  And we have decided that during her one year photos, we will be taking a family portrait as well!  I am excited because we have not taken one as a family since having Chloe!
This past weekend we went and got her some Stride Rite shoes, an early birthday present.  She measured a 4 1/2!!!  Yikes, my girl is going to be tall!!!  So we bought a size 5 so she will have room to grow and she loves them already!!!  All my friends have said that having them in Stride Rites are the best for them to begin walking!!  But yikes those suckers are pricey!  She has on her new shoes in these photos, and they are so easy to put on, they look tied, but they are actually stretchy elastics!  very cool design when fighting to put shoes on a wriggling toddler!

I love this girl with everything I am, and I am so incredibly blessed to be her Momma, and that day I had been waiting for happened yesterday!!  She finally said "Mom-ma"!!!!  I was feeding her dinner, she was in her high chair acting silly, and I said Momma, and then she just repeated me like she says it all the time!!!  Sweetness was in the kitchen and he heard it too!!!   It's such a sweet sound coming from that baby like voice!!  Yeah Chloe!!!
So I am busy planning the party!  We will have around 12 people there I think, depending on if some of my cousins come.  I came to all their kid's 1st birthday parties to support them, it would be nice if they felt the same love and support for me.  But it wont dampen my baby's big day!!!
Until next time---- Have a blessed week!

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