Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Enjoying the beautiful Fall Weather

Yesterday, the weather here in Virginia was absolutely wonderful!!!  It just begged you to come outside and enjoy the sunshine and the cool fall breeze!!!  So my friend Tonya and I decided to take our girly girls back to our favorite park!!!
I ordered these shirts for them several months ago, because we are going to take them to the pumpkin patch together in 2 weeks and I thought they would look so cute being matchy matchy  :)  Well we couldn't resist so we thought we would give them a try, and toddlers are just cute no matter what they are doing, and I think these pics turned out adorable!!!!
Sarah is about 4 months older than Chloe and she is walking and running circles around Chloe ~ who at the moment can cruise while holding on to something sstationary.  So we decided to have them sit on this bench, and their size difference is quite pronounced looking at them in this picture, but when they are playing they look almost equal.  Strange!!!
Both of them are only children, but Sarah has for sure learned how to take what is hers.  They are so funny at this age, when they know its "theirs", its theirs and there is no more discussion needed.  LOL
And sweet little Chloe just wants to have some of what everyone else is having, and she is a bit oblivious to other children's sentiments towards her!!!  ;0)
And then Sarah decides she has had enough of all the posing..... but Chloe is an old pro- It looks like she is thinking here "Hey Sarah, it's not too bad having your picture made, my Mommy does it all the time."
Then Tonya tries to distract them, and I think this is probably the best shot of the day, both of them somewhat smiling and you can see their names on their shirts!!!  This one is a framer I think!!!   :0)
Sarah still loves her paci sometimes when she is upset, and Chloe threw hers away a long time ago for her thumb, but she was certainly intrigued with seeing Sarah with hers, I wonder if it brought back memories of when she had hers 24-7???  Chloe just looks so intrigued  !!!
Funny Sarah.....

Sarah hopped down to be by her Momma (because she can), and that left my little Chloe sitting there alone.

Ever the little comedian, she did some crazy and funnny poses for us,
sat and listened to us talk and laugh.....

and lastly, waves her hands in the air (like she is going to fly away) for Mommy to pick her up!!! We let the girls' swing and they just loved it as usual and we had to pull them off crying. They just looooove the swings!!! We then took a long walk with the girls in the area around the big Fun Forest playground, until the girls were tired out!!!

After 2 hours in the park and all day at daycare, baby girl was prety tired and dirty.  So we headed home and in the bath she went!!  She got to actually sit in the tub by herself for the first time last night.  She can balance well enough now that I was okay letting her balance herself in the water.  She splished and splashed and had a good time!

 My favorite part of bath time is getting her out. Playing Peek-A-Boo while dryingher off, putting that good smelling night-time baby lotion all over, PJs and then brushing her beautiful hair. Well last night I asked Sweetness to brush her hair while I cleaned up the bathroom from the bath, and Daddy had some fun with my little girl......he gave her her first MOHAWK !!!!
It was a fun filled day, and I loved every minute of being her mommy.  We rocked her to sleep and she slept her usual 12 hours!!   I have an angel baby and I feel so incredibly blessed for all the gifts we HAVE been given.'s good!

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