Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chloe loves her Grandma!!!!

So here is Miss Priss, happy and ready to go play with her friends !!!

Her shirt today reminds me of something I have been wanting to post about for awhile now but keep forgetting........ When I was going through infertility struggles, I lost or dropped most of my friends.  I was jealous in part of them having baby after baby and it was too painful to be around, and I also could not relate to where they were in their life at that point.  Having a child changes everything and they wanted to talk about that, and I .....well was still pining away for that life for myself! 

But through it all one constant friend remained, my mom.

My mom empathized with me as best she could, having not been infertile herself.  But she did desperately want a grandchild as much as I wanted to give her one.  So in that space we could relate and understand the feelings of unfairness, jealousy, confusion and the why me's???


Since we have been blessed with Chloe, I have gotten a chance to see my mom become the grandmother she always wanted to be.  She adores our little princess, and she takes every opportunity to see her or play with her etc.  My parents live about 45 minutes from our house, but my mom works right near our house and her daycare.  She will sometimes go pick her up from daycare and bring her home for us, just to spend some time with her.


Other times she will come over for the evening after work and play and play with Chloe, help bathe her and rock her to sleep, then spend the night to see her in the morning and go to work from our house since we are so close by.  Chloe has come to know and LOVE her grandma and I am so happy she does!

I hope their bond lasts a lifetime, like mine has with my Nana.  I hope she can always find that solice in life with her grandma...... and learn from her all the wonderful advice she has to share.  Thank you Mom for being the Grandma I always knew you would be.......

And to Sean's Mom, Grandma Mary, you never got to meet our baby Chloe, but we know she has an angel in heaven watching over her all day, and she would have adored you too!!!  :0)

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