Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My surrogate....

Sorry there has been a lull in me posting this post. Several of you have reminded me from my last post that I promised to post on my surrogate and some things that have been happening. So here it goes.

Let me begin by saying I so appreciate all of you who I had texted last week asking for prayer as we had to make some huge decisions on what to do. And by that I mean, our financial situation has become so stretched that I was seriously questioning if it was even reasonable to go forward. When I signed the surrogate agreement, we were going to use the donated embryos with her. But because of many factors (the KELL situation being just one) that I wont get into here, it has evolved into me going through another IVF cycle costing thousands that I really had not planned on. Not to mention the surrogate must get what is due her for her incredible kindness.

So for several days I had been in knots trying to decided what to do, what to say to her and all of that. The night before I spoke to her, I literally did not sleep a a wink!

Sooooo Sweetness and I prayed alot about it and I called her and we talked honestly about all the finances and some other things we were both hoping for out of this whole situation. I can not tell you how wonderful my surrogate is. I mean I told her if I had to handpick someone- I really could not have picked anyone better than her. She is a wonderful Christian, I feel as if our babies will be very safe with her. She is very sweet and very honest. She has 2 wonderful little girls, and a very nice supportive husband. She is young and healthy and has very healthy pregnancies and has been a surrogate before and knows what to expect! All of that together- she is just a perfect match for us.

So I spoke to her about these unforeseen financial pulls on us (the air conditioner at the house, my husband's car breaking down etc.) which has depleted the surrogacy fund dramatically. She was so kind and we came to a new more workable agreement that I feel like we can really do, and she still get everything that is due her. I wish I could pay her twice what we are. I truly feel like she deserves it, I actually told her I so wish I had met her at the beginning of this hard journey and we would have so much more money to give to her- but alas we cannot turn back the hands of time.

I really believe the Lord has orchestrated our meeting and this time in our lives. She is so happy to be able to give/ or try to give another family the gift of life and how can you ever repay that???

So then Saturday, I invited her and her girls out to lunch and then we went and got a pedicure together. Everyone kept asking us if we were sisters. It was funny because we both dressed in a black shirt and white Capri's!!! Totally not planned but fun nevertheless. It was nice to spend time with her outside of the clinic, and I hope to maintain our friendship even after the birth of our children.

So all of that to say, thank you for the faithful friends who prayed for us, and for continuing to stand in the gap for us as we still have so far to go. The Lord really did work it all out, and my stress level is much more manageable now.

Tonight is my monthly infertility group meeting. I really miss these ladies when we are not together, and I love getting together and sharing our stories.

Also Sweetness' birthday is Thursday!!! I cant wait to celebrate the most wonderful man I know, who is truly the biggest blessing I have ever received. I will post some pictures of his little party soon.....

And one last note about the cycle. I finished the pack of BCPs and of course never had a cycle. So tonight I start the next pack, and hopefully my surrogate will have her cycle next week and then I begin stimming. It is actually going to happen, slowly but surely. Love you guys...... Until next time.