Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I am so sorry I have been slack about updating this blog lately. It's not because I don't think about it, I just am so tired at the end of the day- this is the thing that just doesn't get done. 

But I did want to make sure this post got done somewhere!!!  Mother's Day last weekend was such a wonderful day for me. I tend to get so sentimental and emotional being pregnant these days, the beauty of the day weighed heavily on me. The most beautiful baby girl in the world is MINE- as she calls me Mommy and I have the most amazing miracle fluttering and kicking around in my tummy. How could I ever ask for more?!?!

We had a beautiful weekend, and then on Sunday, actual Mother's Day we had Aunt Gloria, Uncle Andy, cousins Heather and Drew and my Mom all over for a cookout on our new deck!!! The weather was perfection!!!!  Here is a picture is me and Chloe and of course my precious momma!!!!

It was such a wonderful day!!!  My Sweetness took Chloe shoping the day before and they picked out for me the most beautiful gift.  A Willow Tree sculpture of an expectant mother!!! It just made my heart melt and reading the cards from the both of them was so touching!!!  I am such a blessed woman. They have been sitting on our mantle in the living room since I got them but I think the sculpture will probably live on a shelf in Jacob's room...... It is aptly called "Awaiting a Miracle".  

I will always cherish this time of being pregnant, and I thought it was such a wonderfully thoughtful gift of my sweet husband!!!  I just adore him!!!

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the day....

I have a fantastic app on my phone that allows me to decorate pictures that I take with words and stickers etc and I post them on Facebook etc. I love pictures!!!!  

And one more of my sweet little angel......
The night before, she and I had a mommy- daughter spa evening. We took a shower together and then I let her use my special "coconut" lotion that she loves the smell of so much, and we covered ourselves in it and then dried our hair together and put on our jammies.   We then painted our toes the same color and she thought that was the neatest thing, having her little toes match her Mommy!!!  The next day when I was taking the above picture, she said "Mommy, be sure my pink toes are in the picture too!!"  It just cracked me up!!!  Good memories!!!

The pregnancy is going along great. I can't believe I will be 23 weeks tomorrow!!!!   We are so close to viability day and knowing he has a chance to survive outside the womb should
any early labor happen although I don't see or anticipate that happening!!  I have still been so sick. This past Monday night I had to go to the ER again to get IV fluids and IV Zofran to stop the vicious vomiting cycle I was on for about 4 days for some reason.  I was very dehydrated and was having contractions due to the dehydration so it was a necessary thing but they took great care of me there and I even got to see my OBGYN, Dr Wright!!!!   She happened to be on call that night for the hospital. I don't see her regularly anymore because she referred all of my prenatal care to the maternal fetal medicine group bc I am so high risk for many reasons, but she has been my doctor for over 14 years and I love her!!! She was very happy to see the pregnancy was perfect and he was healthy and spunky as ever!!  

I will post again tomorrow with the past 3 weeks of belly shots since I fell behind in posting them.  I really have a belly now and am definitely feeling PREGNANT!!!  It really is a glorious feeling!!! 

But it was a wonderful Mother's Day for 2015, and I have so many beautiful reasons to celebrate being a mother this year!!