Friday, December 30, 2011

Mommy's Favorite Gift

My precious little pumpkin above is modeling a cute little onesie I picked up at target for a measly $5 that says "Mommy's Favorite Gift" and she is that indeed. She looks so sweet and tired in the above pic to me. Just when I don't think I can love her anymore- She melts my heart a little more!!!

I have been slipping a bit on keeping up with taking her picture on her weekly birthday and then trying to get it on here to blog about it. But As you can see below, my baby is growing up and she is so squirmy wormy, she will not hold still !!! She kicks her little legs so much it s soooo cute!!! She really thinks she is going somewhere!
But as the picture denotes, last Sunday when this picture was taken, on Christmas Day, my girl turned 10 weeks old already!!!! I can not believe it already!!! But She is definitely growing into a beautiful little princess....
And the cute little yellow safari outfit she has on is part of a set from grandma for Christmas, that is soooo cute.. I don't put her in a lot of yellow at all, but this one is so precious and it is very sweet looking on her. I thought her falling over was funny.... lol my squirmy wormy....

Oh and one wonderful thing to add to this post, My girl SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT!!!! Oh yes she didi!!!! That does not mean Mommy did, but babay girl did, becasue Mommy still was waking up constantly checking on her. But hey it was a tremendous achievement for her!!! Let's do that again tonight Chloe shall we? Okay well we will chat again soon as I have lots more to chat about so Ill be blogging soon :)

Everyone be safe and have the Happiest of NEW YEAR DAY'S!!!!!!