Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snuggle in little babies.....

Well here they are...... our precious little ones! These two embryos were transferred into me today. The one at the top is a grade 8A ( 8 cells, perfect morphology) and the one on the bottom is grade 8A- because it has some fragmenting. The other 3 were frozen and all were of excellent quality.
So Sweetness and I arrived at the clinic, so full of hope......
And I started taking pictures of all the wonderful people who helped make this happen. This is Martina, the IVF Coordinator. This lady is so amazingly kind and she walks you through each step. Love you !!!!
And this is Ms Patty, my nurse today and Wednesday when they harvested the eggs. She is soooo funny! She really helped the doc when I decided to stop breathing on Wednesday. Thanks Patty!
So here we are getting on our OR attire, Sweetness was allowed to stay in the room for the transfer (which I was so glad about). Doesn't he look cute?
And then they start forcing you to drink gallons of water, because your bladder has to be full for the transfer. Here I am trying to get it all down!
To be honest, the transfer was very hard. Dr Robin could not get the catheter into my uterus because it was bent up at a 90 degree angle. She tried everything. After many tears and prayers from us all, God made a way, right when she was going to give up, and the catheter went in!!! God is working miracles all over this whole process. Then Dr Robin put our two precious babies in, and you could see the two white dots on the screen, very cool!!!!
Before she left, while I laid on my back, she took a very sweet picture with me......
She is the most wonderful doctor.....I cant say enough how thankful I am to have her as my RE!!! Thank you Dr Robin for making dreams come true!

Well I have more I could say, but this is incredibly hard to type laying on your back. But this is where I will stay for the next 2 days.
Snuggle in little babies, I will give you a nice warm home!!! We love you already!
Thank you for the prayers everyone as we wait for two weeks to find out if I become pregnant!


  1. I love your blog and that you call your hubby 'Sweetness'. So happy God made a way for you!!!

  2. Precious heather, oh how the tears are flowing as you walked us through your emotional day. What day indeed. Keep still and take lots of good rest these two days and weeks! Praying so hard for God's hand to work miracles! (2) ;0)

  3. OH BOY! OR GIRL! :0) OR BOY ... OR GIRL!!!!



  5. Praying for some lines for you. Keep us posted. I've got one tube totally closed off based on what they found during the laparoscopy. Had lots of adhesions. But, HSG is next and then, hopefully we'll have some lines!

  6. Definitely praying for you!! (((HUGS)))

  7. Hoping those embies snuggle tightly for 9 sweet months!