Monday, February 6, 2012

16 weeks and some milestones!!!!

Life is flying by so fast, every time I turn around, it's time to put up another blog post and share that she is another week older. My baby turned 16 weeks on Sunday..... so I guess technically she is 4 months, but everybody wants me to go by the 16th of the month to say she is 4 months, so I'm just counting weeks, and I guess next week she will technically be 4 months???

Anyways, baby girl gets more cute by each passing week. I adore this picture below!!! It looks like she has huge feet to me in this picture, but I assure you, it was just the angle, because her feetsies are very small. lol

And because we are beginning to teeth, she is Ms. Slobberpoos, slobbering everywhere,,,, and that is what this little look was, but I think it is cute, and it is classic Chloe right now.
In the evenings, we have been doing tummy time as our sitter has told us to do. She does some during the day as well and we continue to practice at night. She has a very structured curriculum, Yes, even for babies!!! This is to help them meet their milestones, so they don't fall behind. Well, Sunday while Daddy was into the Super Bowl, Chloe and Mommy were playing on her mat on the floor and she was having so much fun batting at her toys which she can do very well now.
Then I turned her on her tummy, and she rolled over onto her back for the first time ever!!! Then she did it again!!! I was so glad that it happened with Mommy and not the sitter! I know I am going to miss some "firsts" but I am so happy that this first real milestone I got to be with my baby girl!!! So I guess we are right on track developmentally and that makes for one happy Momma, but sad that the newborn phase is behind us now.

And another very big milestone that has been achieved in the past week, much to the chagrin of Daddy, is Chloe has found her thumb and she knows how to use it now. No more half way stuff, or shoving the whole fist in the mouth, no that is all in the past. I caught her in her crib the other night she was laying on her boppy watching her mobile, which she loves to do all the time right now until she is mobile herself, and bless her heart, she had fallen asleep. But not without the aid of her thumb.....
So I snapped these two shots, to document the sweetness, and I really didn't care if I woke her up, I had to get these pictures!!!! The second picture's flash did scare her, but she fell back to sleep. I just love Love LOVE these pics of her sucking that tiny thumb. Hopefully, she will think she was cute one day as well when she looks back on this blog. LOL

Well that is all for this past week. We are making some fun changes to the nursery, When they are all done I will show you the before and after pictures. Other than that we are just living the good life with our beautiful baby girl!!!

When did your baby roll over and suck their thumb for the first time? I would like to know how Chloe is compared with your babies on the time frame.


  1. Is that a round boppy pillow or one of the moon shaped ones? Does she sleep on it a lot? I registered for moon shaped ones for my shower but was looking at the round ones also.

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  3. It is the U-shaped nursing one I think, Maybe the one you are calling a moon shaped one. She loves to be propped up on it and lay under her mobile and watch it . She does fall asleep often like in the picture and its great to keep her propped up because her reflux is so bad. I have the round one where the baby just sits in the middle of it, but she is too big for it now and she never really took to that one anyway. I love this shaped boppy, and we have several covers that we just throw in the wash, and she can do some tummy time on it as well. It is so versatile!!! I got both of mine off of Craigslist in my area from a lady who took excellent care of her things and was a super clean freak like myself. I am very perculair when it comes to the cleanliness of my things especially when they pertain to