Monday, July 27, 2009

We've been bit by the Apple (mac that is)!

So sweetness has been eyeing the iPhone for quite some time. Me too to be honest, but my Blackberry pretty much had all the features I wanted. Well, making the decision to leave Verizon Wireless after 11 years is definitely a hard one- ALL my family and most friends are with VZW, so we had to take into account the increase in the number of minutes we may use per month, since we will be loosing all those wonderful mobile-to-mobile minutes!
So after much agonizing, comparing price plans, pros and cons; we decided to go for it! I opted for the trendy Macintosh white 3G S, while sweetness opted for the classic black 3G.Of course we wanted to protect our new babies..... so we got these cool Frawg hard shell cases, sweetness went for the "Clemson Orange." ok babe whatever. He is truly obsessed with Clemson.
And out of the case, I think they look just as cool......
So if there are any iPhone owners that read my blog, i thought I would share with you some cool apps we have found in the 2 days we have had our new phones. The pic below shows the icon to the right of FACE BOOK of course, is called "Shazam". This free app allows you to hold your iPhone up to any TV, stereo, video etc, and it listens to the song and will tell you the title and artist, then take you right to iTunes, and let you buy it! We have not stumped it yet! Very cool!
For the sports enthusiasts out there (which we are, come on Football season) this is a shot from sweetness's phone showing the cool College football app, and ESPN's score center where you can list you favorite teams that are your home page for the app.
And the top right icons here from my phone show a very cool free App called "Backgrounds". It has over 7500 really cool pictures from all genres to make as your wallpaper- very cool. Also the "Battery Status" app tells you how many minutes you have left on your battery whether you are in the 3G, EDGE or O network. Kinda neat since the battery icon on the home screen only shows you approximately how much battery you have left.
And one I will use everyday, is this one. "Cell Tracker" directly monitors your acct through AT&T so you do not go over minutes or text messages. You can also pay your bill through this app!
If anyone knows of any cool apps, please let me know in the comments section!!! This phone does EVERYTHING!!!!

On the IVF front, we are getting closer....... today was the last BCP (finally!), and I am right on the money with Lupron. Friday is the big day for us....Baseline Day and first scans!
Tomorrow (Tuesday) is a big day. My Mom is having a total knee replacement. I would so appreciate your prayers for a safe, successful surgery for her. She has suffered quite a bit, and I am really looking to her being out of pain. I will be spending the night at the hospital tomorrow night with her, and maybe more depending on how she is doing! I will blog and let you know how she does! Thanks guys! Talk soon!

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