Monday, August 10, 2009

All Clear....almost

I can not thank you enough to all my praying friends who have helped Sweetness and I through this day! We went in for our scan this morning at 645 am, and because I was 45 minutes late on my Lupron shot last night they did blood work to verify if I had ovulated in that 45 minutes. Well after a day of praying and pleading with God, the nurse called and said that the blood work looks good, and it seems as though I did not ovulate!!! God answered our prayers and we are so thankful!!!
Tomorrow morning we go back for our LAST follicle scan and more blood work to be sure I still did not ovulate. If everything is good with tomorrow's blood work, they will retrieve my eggs on Wednesday morning at 9:15am!!!!
Dr. Robin said she is believing with us that all will still be okay, and told us to go ahead and trigger tonight at 11:45pm!!! My sweet friend Joyce, who is a nurse, is coming over that late at night to give me the trigger shot, and show Sweetness how to start giving me the injections in the bum. Woo Hoo!!!!
Still praying everything will work out with the blood work tomorrow, and we are claiming God's promises!!! Thank you for standing with us!!!!

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  1. Oh, thank God! Yes, He does answer prayer. I have seen evidence of that in the last week in ways that have boggled my mind. Though, it shouldn't; that's who He is!

    Rejoicing with you that you're that much closer!