Friday, August 7, 2009

Follicle scan number 2......

Sweetness and I went for my second US this morning at 7 am to see how my follies are doing. I now have 40 total! My left ovary seems to be doing most of the has 26 follicles on it, ranging in size from 16mm to 5mm. My right only had 12 today. I asked her if I lost a follicle since Wednesday when I had 13 on the right and she said maybe she just couldn't see it if it was real small.

I am soooo miserable girls! I was up most of the night with severe abdominal pain, could not sleep. I was so nervous that I was Hyper Stimulating. But they said my E2 (estrogen) level was 547 last Wednesday, which is good for Day 5, and I have not heard what it was today. But my abdomen feels so bloated and sore, I am just MISERABLE, and they said it was going to get worse before it gets better. Great! Has anyone that has gone through IVF experienced this kind of pain??

On a happier note..... we go back Sunday morning for our 3rd scan. The nurse said today that they will decide when to harvest the eggs, based on the sizes on Sunday. There has to be a certain percentage of the follies at 16mm or higher in order for them to trigger me. I only have one today at 16, but she said you want them to mature slowly not really fast. So I am on track, just really wishing this "stimming" period was over. My stomach is covered in bruises and red welts, I look like an addict of some sort!!!! LOL

Thank you for the prayers, you guys are wonderful! And for all my friends who have left notes on Facebook that they don't know how to leave a comment, scroll your mouse over the "_ sweet comments" line that is just below where it says "Trusting In Him, Heather" at the bottom of this post. Then a window pops up and you type your comment in there and you can click "anonymous" so you don't have to join blogger, and then click post. It is pretty easy once you do it once, you'll be pros!!! :)

Love you guys, and thanks for the prayers for Mom, she is doing really great!

Grow Follies Grow!


  1. 40? That's awesome! Prayers for more good news to come!

  2. my babe's a trooper (havent i said that before???). even though she made me get up WAY early today, it was worth it. we watched as the lab tech was looking at the scan, but i gotta admit, i dont know what the heck she is looking at. all i see is a fuzzy black and white image of what could possibly be an old twilight zone episode (i know, im REALLY dating myself). i know shes had a lot of training to be able to do this and i make myself feel better by thinking she probably couldnt look at a set of construction pans and know whats going on (my babe can-she knows what the bushes look like!). looking forward to the big harvesting day and the weeks ahead.

  3. The above comment by sweetness really cracks me up!!! No capitalization, and random thoughts (twilight zone???) and he meant to put contruction PLANS, not PANS! Afterall my babe is an engineer. But I do love him soooooo!