Monday, August 3, 2009

I feel like a Pin-Cushion!!!!

Well this is exactly how I am feeling! I have been stuck so many times in the past 3 days (5 x a day), that I am beginning to be a pro at this! We still have 7 days left of this! The one medicine Repronex is the worst one. It burns going in and it leaves a big red knot on your stomach where you inject. I called the clinic today and asked the nurse if I was allergic to it or something else, and she said this is pretty normal for this medication. Has anyone else out there experienced the same thing with Repronex, or Menopur (same thing)????

Nothing else to report really, just cranking down the days until my egg retrieval!!! Thank you all for the sweet messages, they really mean alot as I ride this roller coaster trying to get all my follies to grow! First scan is Wednesday, I will update then, and let you know how we are progressing!

Ending with a Scripture:

"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness"

-2 Tim. 3:16


  1. My babe is a trooper! Now...needles dont bother me, but blood definitely does, but I cannot BELIEVE how many times she has to do this a day. And you should see the needle that Im going to have to inject her with starting have GOT to be kidding me. Words cannot describe how much Im diggin' this woman that she is going through all of this for us.

  2. Awwww baby!!! You are so sweet! I love you so much! This will all be worth it one day! Mwaaaa!

  3. You guys are real troopers and God's going to bless you for it and you'll be stronger as a couple no matter what. It's a hard stuggle I'm sure to get through each day. Cling to one another and Him. Know that so many are agreeing with you in prayer! :0)


  4. Sending up prayers. Love the blog!


  5. Hope all this works out for you two. The blog is cute.


  6. Thinking of you guys and sending positive thoughts your way!