Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our new kitchen floor!!!!

When I bought this house a year and half ago, I knew there were some "upgrades" I wanted to do, and well I have been busy dating my now husband, getting married, going on a honeymoon, and now we are getting around to doing some cool stuff with the house.
The kitchen floor was an eye sore for me from the beginning. Below is a "before" picture. The floor literally was just the slab of the house, and the previous owners put down some type of paint with speckles in it. I know.....very hot!
Well while we were doing the floor, we pulled the fridge out to lay the tile under it, and I don't know if you can see her, but Maggie wedged herself in between the wall and the fridge! She is such a funny dog.
Well without further ado, here are the "after" pictures. This picture is where we keep the dogs during the day, behind a baby gate. Their kennels are usually in this large space. But the floor looks so good, makes it look much more open!
Here is another shot, and there is my Maggie girl!
And this is the same shot as the "before" picture, just now with a new tile floor! Sweetness and I are so sore and tired. We both now have aching backs, but we are proud of ourselves, and more importantly it is DONE!!!!!
As far as where we stand with our babies, we are still in a waiting game. My mom has been praying the Lord would give me some peace or a sign. Well today, one of my doctors that I work with told me he could just feel it that I am pregnant! He delivered over 1500 babies in his career in the military, and he said he can just sense things. I told him I am still getting negative urine pregnancy tests, and he told me how many times he has seen this same thing very early on, and the blood beta test came back positive. So I believe the Lord gave me more hope today.
Sweetness and I are hanging in, and waiting for our miracle on Friday. I will for sure update Friday night and let you guys know the results. thank you so much for the prayers, we still need them!


  1. two projects down, one to go!
    woo hoo!!!

  2. Your new kitchen floor is looking so beautiful... Thanks for sharing the pictures!!