Monday, August 24, 2009

There is still HOPE...........

Hey! Just wanted to leave a quick update! I just finished laying our new floor in the kitchen for 4 hours! My back is done! But I called the fertility clinic today, and the nurse told me that it is by no means over yet, just because I have not gotten a BFP on a HPT. She said it will not show up for two weeks, that's why they are not doing the test until 2 weeks after transfer. I know many of you who have done IVF have gotten BFPs on day 7 or 8pt, but she assured me that there is still plenty of hope.
I had my first cry about the whole situation. I have been keeping it all bottled up I think, and boy did it flow today. But I am holding on to the little bit of hope I got today. Maybe just a little nugget from the Lord telling me to hang on. HE will have the final say on Friday's beta test!
Thanks for still praying for our little embryos!


  1. My babe heard the reassuring words from the pros today and shes in a much better mood. We'll keep trusting in the Lord and take Yvonnes words to heart.

  2. Here's a hope and a BFP (big fat prayer for a big fat positive!) Hang in there, friends. And Father, hold them close as You work in timing that is sometimes difficult to understand!

    XOXO from across the miles!

  3. You are so right..there is still hope girl!! Plus I think alot of girls that got positives did a 5 day transfer so they didn't have to wait as long after the transfer to test. Keep your head up and know that it is not over. I will be praying for you sweety!! I am hoping for this to be your time!! Love you!

  4. Thinking of you guys out here in the sticks :)
    I am sooooooooo glad to hear they gave you some good news today. I knew it was not over, you have to many people behind you guys thinking of ya all the way:)
    By the way the floor rocks sorry I haven't called ya...GOOD LUCK FRIDAY!!!!!