Monday, August 31, 2009

I KNOW He is for me......

Well today it has rained ALL day! And it kind of signifies how I feel inside. I know that God is purifying me to be more like Him, but man this is a hard struggle. I wanted to celebrate this weekend so much......but it was just not to be right now. I have been listening to praise and worship music almost non-stop the past couple days. It does bring so much comfort, I know HE is with me always, and He sees each tear I cry, but this will take some time.

Sweetness and I are hoping we can get enough money together by Oct/Nov to go back and try IVF again with our 3 frozen embryos. At least we have them. Thank you all for the sweet text messages, emails and comments. It really does help to know we are being prayed for.

The song below is one of my favorites, "I know that you are for Me". Kari Jobe is such an amazing worship artist. I love to turn it on, and close my eyes and think of the POWER in these words! He is for me, He is for you! We love you all, and please keep us in your prayers and as we mend our broken hearts! Enjoy the song!!!!

PS- Remember too scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and press pause on the black music box, so you can hear the song I posted!


  1. its been difficult. babe's been taking this a little better than me...not what y'all expected im sure. i do take comfort in knowing that i can lean on Him. there was a time when i felt like i had to carry the load by myself...when my dad then mom passed away. but life seems so much easier when theres someone else to help (babe) and when you know that, no matter how difficult life gets, HE is there.
    footprints in the sand...

  2. I know its been a difficult few days. Please know that He is always there. That is really the only thing to truly comfort you. Thinking of you and praying for you!