Saturday, October 10, 2009

We're gonna try again!!!!

Well Sweetness and I have talked a lot and weighed all the ins and outs about timing, money and everything else that goes into this, and we have decided to do our FET (frozen embryo transfer). Sooooooo, there are many factors that go into all of this; mainly my job. Most of my close friends/family know it is on shaky ground right now because of sales numbers. But we are trusting the Lord in ALL things.
IF I loose my job, we obviously will not spend the $$$ to do the FET, but barring that, we are shooting for the transfer on Nov. 20 or 23rd. I am not getting excited yet, maybe I won't allow myself to at all, the heartbreak of it NOT resulting in a pregnancy is so impossibly heartbreaking I just don't know.
So I have a ultrasound scan on Tuesday morning at the clinic and hopefully a meeting with Dr. Robin to discuss what we are doing differently this time. By that I mean, after it failed in August, she conducted an implantation failure panel on me to see if some different proteins/enzymes were elevated. Well they were, so she said when we tried again I would be on Lovenox shots, prednisone and baby aspirin to help eliminate the mini-blood clots in my uterine lining, which she believes could have not allowed the embryos to implant correctly last time.
I will begin BCPs on Tuesday also, and then all I have to do this cycle is inject Lupron to prevent ovulation, and then they transfer our little "frosties" at the appropriate time. MUCH MUCH simpler than a fresh IVF cycle.
Please keep us in your prayers, and hopefully by Christmas we will have a BFP!!!!! I could not think of any present I want more.... I will sign off for now because LSU and Florida game just came on!!!!
Ending with a Scripture:
"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in
Christ Jesus our Lord."
-Romans 6:23


  1. Oh yes!!! FET's are much easier than the actual fresh cycle! We are doing ours right now. I am not telling tons of people! So please be praying for us!

  2. Here's a prayer that all will work out! Can't wait for your dreams to come true.