Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clemson rolls over FSU 40-24 !!!!

Well we are home from the most exciting weekend we have had since our amazing wedding!!!!
We left Friday morning and drove 8 hours to Clemson, SC to Clemson University, the alma mater of Sweetness. So be prepared for TONS of pics, there were just too many of them to choose from!
Let's get started shall we?
Here is Sweetness and I, walking the streets of downtown Clemson enjoying all the game day festivities.

I got a purple paw painted on my left cheek.....
and an orange paw on my right cheek......
Here we are at the beautiful sign at the front of campus, I think the sun's rays are
really neat in this picture!
So we went and had some lunch, and watched my Alabama Tide some on the big screens. Here is my sweetness getting the party started with an Orange Bud Light!!
So I got an experience in some SERIOUS tailgatin' in the South!!! I have never seen such DIE HARD tailgaters. Here just as far as you can see; tents and trucks!
This was a real cool group of college boys that eventually spelled out
"CJ SPILLER FOR HEISMAN"- they did make it onto TV with their get ups!
So back to how serious these tailgaters are...... this is just one of MANY people that brought generators, their satellites and large screen TVs and watched football all day before the game! I mean crazy dude!!!
So then we met up with some friends and they were tailgating all ready! Susie made these awesome Tiger Paw brownies! So yummy!

This is "Howard's Rock"
The players rub this rock before running down the field to begin the game... it is a real neat tradition started by Frank Howard who was the football coach at Clemson from 1931-1971.
Here we are waiting in line at the gate to get in!
Awe......I love him so much!!! We were having the time of our life!
Our seats were so awesome, and we were very close to the Florida State band. They were so huge, I mean look at all these band members. They were a VERY good band!
There were about 80,000 people there with us...... look at all that Orange!
a self-portrait thrown in :)
the game is getting started here, the players rub Howard's Rock and then run down that orange carpet in the center of the balloon bags.
And here they come!!!!! Get 'em Tigers!
A pretty blurry shot of the Clemson band in the stands. They were a bit aways from us. But it was soooooo loud in that stadium. A surreal experience!
This is a shot that shows "Clemson Welcomes You To Death Valley"
Oh I forgot about this shot! I was so happy to see some people showing some love for my Alabama Crimson Tide! They had a sign up for Mark Ingram for Heisman! Cool! Roll Tide!
It's half time already???? Let's enjoy the bands!! Here are the incredible Marching Seminoles! This band was HUGE!!
Florida State's band had these fire baton twirling girls that were incredible! She was twirling 3 fire batons at the same time!
And here we have our favorite Clemson Marching Tigers!
Just a nice shot of the stadium in Solid Orange!
and again......I mean look at all these people!
And after a long hard-fought victory, we posed for one last picture before we headed back to the hotel! This truly was one of the best nights we have ever had! So fun! And most importantly, my babe got to enjoy his birthday present! I love you Sweetheart!
I hope you enjoyed our pics. We just got home and I have been working on uploading these pictures forever. I wish Blogger would get a new system for adding them- in the correct order!
But on the IVF front, everything is going splendid. It was a trip trying to take my Lupron shot last night at the game! But I got 'er done! This week is maintaining the status quo until Friday when I go back for more heparin labs, E2 levels and US. I can't believe we only have 11 days until we get our babies!!! Thank you all for your continued prayers- please don't stop!


  1. What an awesome weekend I had with my babe! The first time I've ever celebrated TD's by Clemson by smoochin' my babe.

    She got me the tix as a birthday present and was going to the game to make me happy, but I think another Clemson fan has been born! Well, after Alabama, of course.

    She didnt tell you, but we did buy a cute onsie (it says "Baby Tiger"...awwwwwwwwwe) that we cant wait to put to use.

  2. Your pictures are wonderful! You guys are too cute. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love college football games. Too fun!


  3. I am so very excited to hear of your fun time! Praying and love ya!

  4. Great pictures! I have never seen the orange Bud Light before...hope I can get down to a game next year - what an awesome time!