Friday, January 29, 2010

My Birthday

Well today is my 34th Birthday (and Oprah's 56th). Haha! It has been a really nice day. It started off with Mom and I pallin' around, then we went and picked up Sweetness. All 3 of us had a very nice lunch together. Then I went into work for awhile. One of my co-workers gave me a small gift. It really was so kind, because we are very new friends, but I have a feeling we will be great friends.

Then I headed to teach my class this evening, planning to let them out very early so I could go to dinner with my family. Well when I walked in, the students all sang Happy Birthday to me. Then they gave me a very sweet card, which they had all signed. Here is a picture.

They then brought in all these beautiful cupcakes for everyone to eat. It was really very touching. They just met me on Monday on the first day of class!! Then I gave them a quiz, lectured on one quick chapter, and we dismissed by 7:30pm. I then headed over to the Cheesec.ake Fact.ory to meet up with my parents and Sweetness.
We had such a nice dinner, and then I got to open my presents. Here is the incredibly sweet card from my husband.
And one from my parents......

And then, I got to open my present from Sweetness. Here it is......

He bought me a diamond "Journey" necklace. I have been wanting one for awhile! It is really just gorgeous!!! Wanna see a close-up???? Okay here ya go......

I am so blessed. I mean I truly am. I have an amazing marriage, an equally amazing husband, a great job, wonderful parents and great friends. It is hard to think that today I am now only 1 year away from the dreaded 35 year old mark when your fertility "drops off significantly."
I never dreamed I would be this old and not have a baby, but I am really trying to trust the Lord, who has given me all my other blessings. My prayer is that by the time I am 35, I am either pregnant or holding a baby in my arms.
So we are home now finally, and we are all snuggled in waiting for the snow storm to start. We NEVER get snow, but they are actually saying we are GOING TO GET IT TONIGHT (6-12") !!!!! I can not wait!!!
I am going to do my next blog post on how Sweetness and I met, as I have received a lot of questions on that, and it really is a very neat story.
Thank you to everyone who has called, texted, faceb.ooked, and sent cards to me. I have an awesome support group!!! I am really looking forward to this next year in my life......I know it will be great!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like you had a really nice day!!! NC GAL

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Heather! - Brittany and Rob