Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Gift and we are underway!

Wow, this has been a very long week. But one of my classes, gave me a really sweet gift this week. It was a gift certificate for a 60 minute Swedish massage!!! I thought that was so sweet, and much needed after the week I have had dealing with my other class. So I can not wait to put that to good use.

Finally, today I will begin taking the and getting this cycle underway. Yesterday I also bought the Cle.arBlue Easy Ovulation moniter, which was pretty expensive, but it is important to monitor my LH and FSH levels so we can time the IUI correctly. I am excited about getting this all underway and feel like we are "doing" something!!!!

I will let you know how it progresses, and we are set for our first US this coming Friday April 2!! Hopefully my little eggs will get peculating :)

Thank you all for the prayers, and let's see what happens......

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